Overrated: Inspirational Speeches

1.) Last night the Saints played the Falcons and this morning, they showed a hilarious video of Drew Brees before the game just screaming all sorts of nonsense to his team.  It was something along the lines of: “THIS IS OUR DIVISION! WE KNOW IT AND THEY KNOW IT! NOW LETS SHOW THEM WHO OWNS THIS DIVISION! GRAAHAGAGAHAHEHEHE!”

Apparently, the Falcons didn’t know it.

After the speech, Brees threw 5 interceptions, played like a damned fool and lost the game for his team.

It all goes to show you that A.) Drew Brees is an idiot and B.) Inspirational speeches only work in the movies. Trust me.

2.) Wait…but didn’t I say on Monday that I wasn’t going to watch the NFL anymore?  Yes. Yes I did. Which all goes to show you that A.) Ace is an idiot. B.) Quitting things like the NFL permanently only works in the movies.

3.) How did I forget to mention Mark Sanchez running his face into his teammate’s booty and fumbling the ball which was then returned for a touchdown?  Funniest NFL play ever?  Yes.

4.) Movember is over and I face a serious dilema: I have grown very fond of my mustache.  So how say you huddled masses? Keep it?  Or shave it off?  Eh, who am I kidding, I’ll probably shave it off the first chance I get.

That’s all I got but before I go, I want to leave you all with a brilliant Hunter S. Thompson quote someone posted on Facebook:

“I took his card and examined it carefully a moment, as if I couldn’t quite read the small print. But I knew he was lying, so I leaned toward him and slapped him sharply in the nuts. Not hard, but very quickly, using the back of my hand and my fingers like a bull whip, yet very discretely. He let out a hiss and went limp, unable to speak or breathe.” – Hunter Thompson

Good times.



  • I knew you couldn’t quit watching that NFL hoopla….LOL

  • Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

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