Nyjer Morgan…PWNED!

altIf you haven’t seen the video of Nyjer Morgan getting absolutely pwned by Gaby Sanchez’s forearm shiver ala The Narcissist Lex Luger, do yourself a favor and find it.  I would put it on here, but I don’t know how to imbed video so Randal, if you read this, feel free to upload the video. 

The reason this brought music to my morning is the fact that Morgan currently sits atop the list of candidates as the games biggest douche. Even Sugar Ray wannabe frosted tipped forty year olds have nothing on him.  

Just look at that fool.  You would’ve never known that he got his ass handed to him in the brawl, you’d think that he just Clubber Lang-ed a fool.  Instead, the fight was more like a coked up Chiuaua attacking a Golden Retriever and getting blind-sided by a Great Dane. The fact that the entire Marlins team commenced to hop on to get in their licks (get it…dog analogy…nevermind) on Morgan probably speaks to the fact that he is despised by everyone but his mama.

If he isn’t suspended a least a week by MLB, I’d be surprised. 

Goodbye Nyjer Morgan.  I’ll miss you and your delusion.

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