NCAA Picks, Tuck Rule, Lebron

Tuck ruleAs my dad put it, of course the NFL would wait until AFTER Al Davis passed away until they changed the tuck rule. By the way, with all this talk about the tuck rule, I think people are missing one simple fact: the referee who made the call on the play stated that Brady’s arm WAS MOVING FORWARD. He didn’t even mention the tuck rule. It wasn’t until after the game that they started talking about the tuck rule to mask the fact that they blew the call big time, since Brady had BOTH HANDS on the ball when he fumbled it.

Gah! ¬†Let’s move on.

Lebron James is incredible. He is too good to hate. ¬†Well, I guess that’s not true cause people definitely still hate the guy, but for me personally, the Harlem Shake made me rethink my whole view of the Miami Heat. Now, I won’t say I like them, but they’re tolerable.

Sweet 16 Picks!

Louisville vs Oregon

Memphis vs Duke

Gonzaga vs. K-State

New Mexico vs Ohio State

Miami vs Butler

California vs Indiana

Georgetown vs San Diego State

Kansas vs VCU



VCU vs Georgetown

Indiana vs Butler

Ohio State vs Kansas State

Duke vs Louisville



Louisville vs Ohio State

VCU vs Indiana



Louisville vs Indiana




Boring, I know, but what the hell?



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