Jayson Werth Predicts the Future

Remember back when Jayson Werth signed with the Nationals for bazillions of dollars (7 years, 126 million), and all us Phillies fans crushed him for selling out his soul to head to a non-contender with no chance of ever winning the NL East? Yep, me too.

Seriously though, is Jayson Werth that much smarter than every Phillies pundit and fan? Did he correctly see the future of the Nationals while we all laughed away, cheese and steak rolling down our collective chins? Yes, yes he did. Check out the picture folks. He calculated it on his magic abacus.

I have always liked Werth. I wished we resigned him, but also couldn’t really blame him for taking that boatload of cash. At the time, I too derided a move I figured was to a non-contender, which continually had their home stadium filled up with Phillies fans — so much so that they started cross referencing the zip code associated with your credit card if you wanted to purchase tickets.

But I was wrong. We were all wrong. So, sorry Jasyon Werth. I’ve always considered you to be a miniature honorary Wolfman. Sorry you heard cheers when you broke your wrist this year, and good luck the rest of the way. Unless we make the playoffs, of course.

To continue with the theme of Jumping to Conclusions, this does happen way too often in the NFL. Ace made some great points yesterday. Week to week pretty much anything can happen in the NFL, and everyone has short memory spans. This is lucky for so called fantasy football “experts,” who routinely make crazy claims only to have them be crazy wrong.

For example, I read a headline yesterday that said something to the extent of – people who drafted Julio Jones early paid a hefty price, but he is already paying back massive dividends. It is Week 2. No investment pays back a huge dividend after two weeks. Not to mention Jones’ stat line from last night, 4 catches for 14 yards and 1 rushing yard.

What am I going to do with all these dividends? I’m so dividend rich I can hardly stand it. I’m so smart to have drafted this guy in the first round.

Now, I’m not saying that Jones won’t have a great season. He probably will. To be honest I hope he will because more often than not I was too lazy to show up for a fantasy draft and I was the guy who drafted him too early. What I’m more trying to get at is this — do not panic early in the season, do not make aggrandizing statements based off of one game, and just calm down for a minute.

Lastly, Jay Cutler was called out by one of his teammates recently. No surprise there. The guy, D.J. Moore, ended his rant, however, by stating that what Cutler did was “like bad-mouthing someone in the media. It’s just weird.”

What did you just do D.J.? What did you just do?

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  • Yep sure am glad I got that one rookie guy. Why is it I can never remember who I have on my team. All I see it points. Too funny this week Wolfman!

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