Infield Flies, Cabin in the Woods, Property Brothers

I do not usually bring up this subject, but in light of yesterday’s epic infield fly rule I think it is appropriate. That’s right; welcome to the world of Oakland Raiders fans you crazy Tomahawk Choppers because you just got Tuck Ruled.

Hear me out — In each case an official made a rarely used call incorrectly. An infield fly rule should never be called in the OUTFIELD, and if an arm is moving forward because the quarterback is trying to secure the football it should not be an INCOMPLETE pass. However, in each case, the call is sooooooooo borderline correct – mostly in the fact that yes, it is a call that exists – that the crazy pundits, officials, umpires, reviewers, and commissioners can justify it to themselves internally.

But the fact remains, it was WRONG. You got screwed Atlanta. You played horribly, but you still got screwed. My condolences.

What I wonder is how these fellas who make these crazy calls sleep at night? When 99% of the public knows for a fact you were wrong, it must be much more difficult to climb into that justification bubble. But like it says in Sweet Home Alabama, “Now Watergate does not bother me, does your conscious bother you? Tell the truth.”

People be cray.

So at the request of Ace and another friend I checked out Cabin in the Woods last night. I have to say I was more along the lines of meh. It was decent, and it was refreshing to see a new sort of idea out there – it is a new idea right? (Please see, everything is a Remix.) But, for whatever reason I just couldn’t get into it. I will sign off on the perfect 3 star movie, but I want to lean more towards 2.5.

Lastly, what is up with the fans of Property Brothers? Here is a comment on an older post mildly mocking the siblings here on theheadrush:

Wow. I cannot even begin to wonder how you came to this conclusion, and what else goes on in your life. You are so far off from factual information, it’s not even funny. This seriously makes me nervous, that you are allowed to coincide with us in society, because of the way you view life. You really, really, really need to take a step back and reconsider a lot of things in your life, and please, do not reproduce.

Who knew?

People be cray, cray.

Until next time.

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