Hockey…what the hell

I tried to watch hockey a few days ago with my friend Bob, and then I tried again last night.  And it just isn’t happening for me.

Playoff hockey, I can get into that.  It’s crazy intense. But regular season hockey is just kinda…meh.  And last night, while watching the game, which the Flyers won 4-3 in OT, I finally discovered the main reason for my dislike of hockey: It is incredibly, incredibly, INCREDIBLY stupid that the players can use their hands to knock down the puck and put it right in front of their sticks.

That is how the game was forced into OT last night.  The puck popped up in the air with 30 seconds left, the Islander player stood in front of the goal, reached up, grabbed the puck, put it right in front of his stick, spun around and scored.


Look, if you’re going to primarily use your sticks to move the puck in the game, there should be no hands allowed.  Wait till the puck hits the friggin ice before you touch it.

What happened last night is the equivalent to if a soccer player stood inside the six, grabbed the ball out of the air, set it down perfectly right in front of his foot, spun around, blasted a shot, and scored. Of course, using your hands is illegal in soccer so maybe that analogy is way off.  I don’t know.

I also don’t know about hockey. I’m trying to get into it so we can write occasional articles about it for Theheadrush, but I don’t know if I can.

Watching the sport is like listening to indie-folk rock.  I can see why other people are into it, I’m just afraid I never will be.

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