Headrush: Where you Been?

Why did I reference a Sinbad comedy special in the title? Oh I dunno maybe because he is THE MAN.  Also, he is playing at the Wilmington Grand Opera House in January.  He played last fall I think and I missed him then so I may have to see him this time around.

My favorite Sinbad story is that Randy was watching him on TV when he used to work at Frolic and some guy walked in, bought something, stared at the TV wordlessly for ten seconds before exclaiming: “Man…Sinbad’s CORNY!”  Indeed.

1.) So, what’s new in the NFL?  The Raiders had an epic meltdown on Sunday which left me pretty indifferent. Usually, I would be pissed but I was looking up Springsteen tabs at the same time I was following the game on Yahoo so I didn’t really care too much.  It’s hard to be sad when your bellowing “BABY WE WERE BORN….TO RUUUUUUUUN!” on an out of tune guitar (the last time it was tuned was by my buddy Joe two years ago) at the top of your lungs while your cat, kitten and dog look on confused.

Tebow got worked finally.  It’s not that I don’t like Tebow, actually, scratch that, that’s EXACTLY what it is.  As Ron Swanson so eloquently put it, “What religion am I? Well I’m a practicing, none of your %!**$% business.”  Well put, Ron.

Also, I hate the Broncos.

I’m guessing the NFC Championship will be Saints/Packers (at least, that’s what it SHOULD be) and the AFC will be Pats/Steelers or Pats/Ravens.  Either way, it’s the Patriots conference to lose. They just too good.

2.) You know what was a terrible casting choice?  The kid who plays “Charlie” in the Santa Clause.  I cringe every time he yells, “arose such A CLATTER!”  Calm it down kid. And he is so damn spoiled! Look at him when they go to Denny’s on Christmas Eve. “I’ll have a chocolate milk” Waitress tells him that they are all out and he gets all pouty, “Regular milk is fine…..”  Boo frickin’ hoo, Charlie. 

3.) I’m watching early re-runs of “Friends” with Stefanie and there are a few things that pop out: 1.) Jennifer Aniston was gorgeous at the beginning of the show and then as the seasons wore on, she got progressively less and less attractive, as she lost too much weight. 2.) Ross playing the keyboard is comic GOLD.  3.) During one of the episodes, the gang gets all excited about going to see Hootie and the Blowfish for Ross’s birthday.  It may be the most dated reference I’ve seen on a sitcom.

4.) Pitchfork just released their end of the year “Best of” music lists and it was a bit of a letdown.  I used to get all excited about these lists, but as I get older, I realize that a lot of new music is too hip for it’s own good.  I don’t have the mental capacity for liking afro-pop-techno-dub-step trios from the Bronx any more.  Just give me some Pink Floyd and some Bruce and that’ll do pig.

5.) That being said–and to totally contradict that last number–M83’s “Hurry up, We’re Dreaming” is my personal favorite album of the year followed by Cut Copy’s “Zonoscope” which I’ve listened to about 100000 times this year.

6.) Thanks to Big B for the heads up on Young Jeezy, Jay-Z and Andre 3000’s incredible song “I Do.” I love hearing Andre 3000 verses but when oh when is that fool going to team up with Big Boi for another album?

7.) Boardwalk Empire’s finale was INCREDIBLE.  Very gutsy move doing what they did.  Not many shows (I’m looking at you Sons of Anarchy) would have the balls to pull off what they did.

8.) That show Workaholics is really hit or miss, but when it hits…holy crap it is funny.  I may have written about this last time, but the episode where they try to become more manly is one of the funniest episodes of television I have seen in a long time. Colin Farrell GET AT ME! LL Cool J GET AT ME!

9.) I made it to 2 fantasy football finals out of 7 leagues.  Not too bad.  Luckily, none of them were the ones that give money to the winner.  What’s the fun in winning money AND fantasy football?  Spoon, as Goldberg so eloquently put it, YOU’RE NEXT!

10.) I signed up for a fantasy basketball league but then forgot that I had and missed the draft.  I remembered this while watching a community theatre production of the Nutcracker. And although I hadn’t seen it in a long time, The Nutcracker is good stuff.

Unfortunately, one of the male dancers was really scrawny, and he couldn’t exactly lift any of the dancers properly.  It was cringe inducing, like watching old backyard wrestling videos where I try and bodyslam one of my friends, but I’m too weak and we both just kind of tumble down on the ground in a heap.  Luckily, the guy didn’t drop any of the girls, which was tough to do since–as I said before–he couldn’t really lift them.  He just kind of guided them from the left to the right side of the stage.

That’s it for me, if I don’t post before, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


  • Pitchfork is the worst reference for a “Best of” anything. They sold out a long time ago. Speaking of which, you should do a “Best of” Adam style for scrink.

    Braeden would be upset about no chocolate milk, too. Especially if he waited all night for sinner after watching me burn dinner. You can’t just throw a reference out of thin air like that, man oh man, wait until you have your own. Mmmhmm. And you know how I feel about Jennifer Aniston. I think she is beautiful. http://www.pourfemme.it/wp-galleryo/jennifer-aniston-la-pi-bella-per-mean-s-health/jennifer-aniston-vogue.jpg

  • haha, the gentleman that badmouthed sinbad was my 55 year old UPS driver…

    if you ain’t winning over someone in their 50’s, you ain’t winning over anybody

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