Great Rebounds in Cinematic History

1.) I watched “That Thing You Do” last weekend and even though it basically devoles into a skin-a-max movie in the last 5 minutes–Guy and Faye walk back into the hotel after making out on the street, and Guy says to Lemar, the magical hotel bell boy who loves his job (or does he own the hotel? He does call it “My hotel” but what hotel owner would also work as a bell boy?) “Watch my bags Lemar…”  Lemar smiles creepily into the camera and says, “That’s what I do!”–End of movie. So that’s what Lemar does? Watch people’s bags while they go get it on? What kind of hotel operation is that man running?  Ick.

By the way, Hanks is a huge Raiders fan (arn’t we all?) and so the pizza place where the Oneders play at the beginning is called “Villapianos” after Raiders great Phil Villapiano, and there was a deleted scene where Hanks’ character–who was supposed to be gay–gets picked up by his boyfriend and the boyfriend is played by none other than Raider legend and crew cut aficionado Howie Long!  Good stuff.  Anyway, I got side-tracked…

Now, it got me thinking. Is Guy grabbing Faye–who had been dating Jimmy, the lead singer, for two years prior to her street/hotel daliance with Guy–the greatest rebound in cinematic history?  Oh man, it’s a tough call.  I went to my memory for some others:

Guy and Faye–That Thing you Do (already mentioned above)

Victor Lazlo and Isla Lund–Casablanca (probably THE greatest rebound in cinematic history cause it helped defeat the Nazi’s and end WWII, while at the same time turning Rick into one of the greatest drunks of all time).

Victor the Meat Cutter and Jan–Beautiful Girls (Two Victors in a row!)

Preston Meyers and Amanda Beckett–Can’t Hardly Wait (Basically the whole movie is based on him trying to grab this board so he gets points for persitence…and acting slightly like a psycho killer).

Jerry Maguire and Dorthy Boyd–Jerry Maguire (Our first instance of a female grabbing a male rebound)

Hot Rod and Denise–Hot Rod (Babe, wait!  Babe Wait!  BAAAAAABBBBBBEEEE!)

Mike and Lorraine–Swingers (Simultaneous rebounds)

I was gonna add Jeff from the Max grabbing Kelly after she dated Zack, but I think she cheated on Zack with Jeff so…I don’t think that counts. Also, remember that guy Professor Jeremiah Lasky from the College years?  I have nothing to add to that other than, remember him?

If you can think of more movie rebounds, please post them in the comments section.

2.) The Rams need to go back to those sweet yellow and blue uniforms that they wore last weekend when they worked the Saints. The new gold and blue ones are gross.

3.) I’m not sure how I never heard about the whole “Like Bernie” dance craze until now (about a year later), but I plan to make up for lost time.  I’ve been Bernie-ing all weekend and plan to do so whenever I go somewhere to dance or hear conga drums.

4.) The saxophone at the end of M83’s song Midnight City might be the best thing going in music right now.  That part is INSANE!  And the new album is absolutely incredible, except for the song about frogs that makes me want to karate chop the little kid talking (or the voice actor playing a little kid talking) in the throat. “And den you become a frog…would you like to play wit me?”  Shut the F up!  How did that song make the final cut?

5.) Last night the number one college football team played the number two college football team (Alabama vs. LSU) and holy balls it was a great game.  9-6.  Unfortunately, these two won’t meet in the national title game, which is a shame because they are going to absolutely curb stomb a team like Stanford or Boise State.

And just for the record, I didn’t watch the whole game, but I flipped to it during commercials as me and the wife enjoyed “Beauty and the Beast” on ABC Family. Oof, that was a tough sentence to write.

As for the three team tease, I am 0-2 on the season and I hope you’ve learned not to follow my advice by now.  Anyway, we need to keep this mildly sports related so here it is!

ATL -6.5 at Indy

Seattle +11 at Dallas

Chicago +7.5 at Philly

Enjoy the games!

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