Get Outta Delaware Park Week 8: Evan Turner Ain’t Ever Scared!


Ok, so the Sixers kicked off the 2010-11 NBA season
yesterday with a predictable loss to the Heat.
What wasn’t predictable? Evan
Turner played like a stud. Look at this
stat line: 16 pts on 7-10 shooting, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. And he did this with Lebron James and Dwyane
Wade guarding him all night. In his NBA debut. Narsty.

Turner played the way we all want Iguodala to play: hungry,
aggressive and simply not scared at all of anybody.

Iggy played like he always does: scared, content to shoot
jumpers, lethargic. He’ll be traded this season to clear cap space and bring in
a shooter, which the Sixers need.

So everyone so quick to call Turner a bust before he even stepped on an NBA court for a regular season game can sit
down. Even Bill “I wrote a 700+ page book on basketball you know” Simmons has jumped off that bandwagon.

And why did that bandwagon ever get rolling?  Cause he had a bad summer league?  Turner played well in the pre-season, but nobody seemed to notice.  Now, people will notice.  Turner is a baller, and let’s hope that he continues to get better.

One other thing about last night: The Heat don’t look to be
THAT good. What would scare me if I were
a Heat fan is that they were up by about 26 in the 4th quarter,
their reserves came in, and the game quickly became interesting, with Philly clawing its way back into the game. In fact, the Sixers would have cut it to 5
had it not been for a charging call on Sweet Lou Williams. So when the Big
Three should’ve been resting, they had to come back in to ensure the
victory. Against our lowly Sixers.

This is game 2 of an 80+ game season. If the starters can’t get rest now, when will
they? And let’s not forget, Wade is not
exactly the poster child of durability.
He has already been nicked up in the pre-season and I bet he misses some
time during the season because of some injury.

My guess: The Heat wear down in the playoffs and don’t even
make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.
That’s right. You heard it here first.
I’m not sure who will (Magic, Celts, Bulls?), but I just don’t think the Heat have the depth to
do it.

Oh and Lebron James is still a delusional asshole. Have you seen that latest commercial? Who the F thought that was a good idea?

So good debut, Turner.
As soon as Jrue wakes from his summer slumber, we’ll have a good young
nucleus. Keep it up and try to get the
Sixers above 35 wins.

On to the picks!

Denver +1 OVER San Fran (It’s in England, stay away from this game)

Jacksonville +6.5 at Dallas
(Two terrible teams)

Detroit -2.5 OVER Washington
(Healthy Stafford and Best)

Green Bay +6 AT NY Jets
(Eh, this could go either way)

St. Louis -3 OVER Carolina
(They play good at home)

Miami +2 AT Cincinnati
(Carson Palmer heard our trash talking and showed up last week)

KC -7.5 OVER Buffalo
(I’m starting Ryan Fitzpatrick in two fantasy leagues this week. Damn you Tony Romo and bye weeks!)

Tennessee +3.5 OVER San Diego (San Diego…sucks)

Tampa Bay +3 OVER Arizona
(Bucs best the birds)

Seattle +2.5 AT Oakland
(One thing is certain in life: The Raiders always follow up a win with a

New England -6.5 OVER Minnesota (Oh Favre…why couldn’t you have just gone away?)

Pitt +1 At New Orleans
(Could New Orleans wake up? Or
continue to suck. I’m betting on the

Indy -5.5 OVER Houston (Houston just
isn’t that good. Time to face facts)

team tease: Bucs, Miami, Tennessee

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