Get Outta Delaware Park Week 6: The Biggoron Sword

altHeyo.  I’m a little late posting my picks this week for two reasons.

1.) It’s been crazy at work.  Moreso at my job coaching than my other job writing.

2.) I’ve started playing Legend of Zelda The Ocarina of Time again and that game is the grrrrrrreeeatest game of all time.  No joke.  Look it up.  So yeah, while I’ve been searching for eye drops to get me that Biggoron Sword, I’ve been negelecting my duties here at Theheadrush, and I haven’t been walking my dog or cleaning my cats litter box.  They’re crying, but I ain’t hearing it.  Know why?  Cause I gotta take down that Gerudo fool Gannandorf, that’s why!

But whatever. I’m here and I’m ready to go 14/14.  So hit that Ocarina, hop on Epona, and let’s get to picking.

St. Louis +8.5 Over San Diego (St. Louis plays not terrible at home)

KC +4.5 at Houston

Baltimore -2.5 at new England

Tampa Bay +4 at New Orleans (Wanna know a secret?  New Orleans isn’t that good this year.)

Atlanta +2.5 at Philly

Detroit +10 at NY Giants

Chicago -6 Over Seattle

Miami +3 at Green Bay

Pittsburgh -14 Over Cleveland

NY Jets -3.5 at Denver

Oakland +7 over San Fram (A.) San Fran has to win this week. (B.) Me and my lady just watched The Rock and holy shit is that the best action movie of all time.  Winners go home and fuck the prom queen indeed.  Ed Harris is all sorts of awesome in that.

Minnesota -1.5 Over Dallas

Indy -3 At Washington

Tennessee -3 at Jacksonville

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