Get Outta Delaware Park Week 5: Historically Wrong


Ok, so yesterday, I was going to write a
column about how nervous I was for Game 1 of the NLDS, about how Halladay had
never pitched in a big game and how the fact that all the pundits were picking the
Phillies to win it all was a bad omen. I was going to write how I thought the
Phils would lose game 1. Holy
balls was I wrong.

Not just wrong. Historically wrong. Of all the things I have written on
this website that have been wrong, that one would’ve
been a doozy. Glad I was too lazy
to write. See, sometimes
slothfulness is a good thing.

Oh and Orlando Cabrera, eat a dick.  Just admit that you got f-ing pwned on national TV and take it like a man. Saying that Halladay and the ump deserved the no-hitter was a class act. I guess I came to expect more from my Orlandos (i.e. Bloom and Jordan.)

Anyway, I have a wedding to attend on Saturday down in Asheville, NC and I gotta leave tomorrow morning before the cock crows so I am a little distracted by getting everything in order before I leave.  That’s the excuse, anyway, for this
column being short. Onto the

Denver +7 AT Baltimore

Jacksonville PK Over Buffalo
(Classic letdown for the Jags?)

KC Chiefs +8 AT Indianapolis

Detroit -3 OVER St. Louis

Atlanta -3 At Cleveland

Tampa Bay +6 AT Cincinnati

Carolina +2.5 OVER Chicago (This
is if the Bears have no Cutler.
Clausen looks better than terrible)

Washington +2.5 OVER Green Bay
(Packers always let teams back in it to cover)

Houston -3 OVER NY Giants

New Orleans -6.5 OVER Arizona

San Diego -6 AT Oakland (Chargers
start the season slow and then get it together? That NEVER happens!)

Tennessee +6.5 AT Dallas

Philly +3.5 OVER San Fran

Minnesota +4 OVER NY Jets

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