Get Outta Delaware Park Week 4: It’s Never Funny in Philadelphia


Oh my. How did it ever come to this?  I’m not talking about my atrocious NFL
gambling picks—I know I ain’t got no feel—I’m talking about the recent shittyness
of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Holy balls have they been bad.  I’ve seen two outta the three episodes this year and I think
I laughed maybe twice.  Let’s put
it this way, when I’d rather watch Pauly D and Ronnie say “It’s Teeeeeeee-shirrrrrrrrrtttt
Tiiiimmmmmeeee” than an episode of Sunny, it’s not a good thing. 

So how did we get here?  The first three seasons were gold.  The show couldn’t miss. And that’s the problem.

They got too popular. 
The actors started drinking their own kool-aid a little too much.  Now the gang goes to Subway, devotes
episodes to Dave and Busters and drinks Miller Light instead of anonymous cheap
beer. Mac’s sleeveless Tees are like billboards for little bars (even Deer Park
got a shout out on that one.) What WON’T these jokers do for money?  I mean Subway, Miller Light?  It’s pathetic.

Also pathetic is the show itself. The story lines are
uninspired and each episode has a feel like we’ve been here before. Last night
had a storyline where Sweet Dee was a bad dancer.  Hmmmm, a cast of all males reacting to the one female cast
member who can’t dance but thinks she can…where have I seen that before….

And I already mentioned the actors above but let me
elaborate a little bit.  They just
seem to be going through the motions. 
Charlie has been weak all season. They just pair him up with Devito and
make the two do crazy things like hit each other in the back with two by fours.

Dennis hasn’t had his usual date rapist charm, Dee spent a
whole episode almost throwing up and Mac has been…well, actually Mac’s been
alright this season, which is not good since he is arguably the show’s weakest

For a long time now, I’ve thought of Park & Recreation
as the funniest show on TV. Ron Swanson is the balls, Tom Haverford is so funny
and small, Andy is comic gold, and Leslie Knope is a great leading lady. But I
only ever considered it the best when Always Sunny was on a hiatus.  Now that it’s back, part of me wants it
to go away, re-group, find its soul again and stop all this sell-out
bullshit.  They need to have
Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney start writing episodes again and
it needs to get its mojo back.

Then it will return to the show I love. 

But enough of pop-culture!  On to the picks!

By the way, I should point out that I correctly called
Washington/St. Louis, Detroit/Minnesota and Houston/Dallas all traps last week
and then proceeded to pick them all wrong anyway.  So there’s a lil something for me to hang my hat on.

Tennessee -6.5 OVER Denver  (I still like my Tennessee Super Bowl pick.  They have a great D and a hard offense to plan for)

Pittsburgh -1.5 OVER Baltimore  (Of course, Pitt looks like the best team in the league even with Chaz Batch at the helm)

Cleveland +3 OVER Cincinnati  (Carson Palmer is one of the worst QBs in the league.  It’s true!  It’s true!)

Green Bay -14.5 OVER Detroit (This is assuming Javid Best
won’t play)

Carolina +13.5 OVER New Orleans  (Panthers gonna be gunning for Bree’s knee)

San Francisco +7 OVER Atlanta  (I’m wary of this pick but San Fran has to show up at SOME point this season, no?)

St. Louis +1 OVER Seattle  (Bradford looks like a keeper)

NY Jets -5.5 OVER Buffalo  (No comment)

Indianapolis -7 OVER Jacksonville  (Jacksonville may be the worst team in the NFL.  Just ask Mike Vick)

Houston -3 OVER Oakland (Da Raiders just know what it takes to lose close games)

San Diego -8.5 OVER Arizona  (Arizona is God awful)

Philly -6 OVER Washington (Will McNabb cry when he gets
booed out of the city? This reminds me of the Raiders/Bucs Superbowl when QB Rich Gannon went up against the coach who made his career.  I think we all know how that one turned out)

Chicago +4 OVER NY Giants  (Look for Cutler to possibly crap the bed as he always does when on national TV)

Miami +1 OVER New England (Pats have a history of sucking in Miami)

Three team tease (Record now stands at 0-3): Pittsburgh, San
Diego and Carolina

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