Fast Food Protests, Lame Olympics

I didn’t even realize any of this Chick-fil-A nonsense was going on until I got a text from the Wolfman telling me a Facebook joke about the whole situation. And that makes me happy, because this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.

1.) Well, actually, it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of until I read that Roger Goodell said that he thinks football should be an Olympic sport. Let that sink in for a moment.


America gets Gold, Silver AND Bronze?

However, I would love to see the Botswana squad roll up to the Olympic gridiron only to get run the F over by Adrian Peterson. Yes, cause that’s exactly what the Olympic needs: more competitions geared towards the wealthy countries of the world.

2.) And let’s all thank NBC for royally screwing up the Olympic games. Tape delay may have been a good idea in 1992, but now, it is not working out.

3.) You know what’s the best thing in the morning to eat for breakfast?  A home made smoothie. Oh my word it is glorious.

Just chop up any combo of fruit that your heart desires, sprinkle on top some flax seed, add a little yogurt, a little almond milk and enjoy.  It is the best. It also keeps you filled up well past lunch, which is always a plus.

4.) You know what NFL team I think is going to be bad this season? The Houston Texans. Everyone has them penciled in to win the South, but they lost two starters from their offensive line, and their QB and WR are always hurt. Mark my words: The Texans will have a top ten pick in the draft next year.

5.) I’m loving the Phillies new lineup consisting of guys I’ve never heard of and the ghost of Chase Utley. Seriously, that guy is done. He has dropped two  EASY outs in the last two games (neither of which, for some odd reason, was ruled an error), and he just looks done in general. Also looking done? Ryan Howard. By the way, when did he start getting called “The Big Piece” Isn’t that just awkward for everybody? (I apologize if I’ve written this before, but the heat is melting my brain).

6.) I do like that Domonic Brown though. It’s been a good year for Dominics (shout out!).

On that note, until next time!




  • You should try Chia seeds or Maca Powder in your smoothie, used by the Aztec and Incan warriors respectively. Or the Wolfman’s favorite ingredient – face.

  • Good year for Domonic Brown? He’s batting .143 with only 7 ABs. Give the man some time (although the throw he had from left field was impressive.) Chase Utley has been a disaster fielding since 2009. Nothing new. Wilson Valdez where you at??

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