Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories Reviewed: Through iTunes Clips

Daft Punk

When I go to buy a song or a CD, I usually don’t listen to the whole thing. Instead, I just head over to iTunes and check out their 1:30 music clips. Sometimes, this works out OK, other times, it certainly does not–as the 1:30 clip I listened to was fantastic, but the other 3 minutes of the song were garbage (And yes, I am aware that there are better ways to listen to songs on the internet, but I can get kind of stuck in my ways, ya know?)

Since I just read the Daft Punk article in the new issue of Rolling Stone and since Big B told me that I had to check it out, what better time than now to do a little iTunes track by track album review, eh?

Just to give you the judging criteria–if you couldn’t figure it out–thumbs up is good, thumbs middle is meh, and thumbs down is bad.

1.) Give Life Back to Music (Thumbs Up)

We’re off to a good start, with a nice and easy breezy track, enhanced by thick syrupy synth rises and a catchy hook. Good stuff.

2.) The Game of Love (Thumbs Middle)

This is the kind of song that gets forgotten on albums and then when you go back and listen to them you think, ‘Why did they put that on there again?’

3.) Giorgio by Moroder (Thumbs Middle)

I hate when dance groups (or any groups really) put music behind someone talking. It just seems lazy to me. I didn’t but this album to hear an interview darn it! Now, this song is 9 minutes long so chances are this fool doesn’t talk through the whole thing, but if he does: Thumbs DOWN.

4.)  Within (Thumbs Middle)

Man, I dunno about this. This almost got the old thumbs down. ‘There are so many things that I don’t understand. There’s a world within me that I cannot explain. Many rooms to explore but the doors look the same. I am lost, I can’t even remember my name.’ Besides the bolded line, those lyrics are bad.

5.) Instant Crush feat. Julian Casablancas (Thumbs Up)

Finally. Man, this album was starting to get depressing. Look, when the guy from the Strokes needs to come in to liven things up, you know its getting morose. And I’m not even sure this song is happy but at least it’s upbeat!

6.) Lose Yourself to Dance feat. Pharrell Williams (Thumbs Up)

I’m not a huge Pharrell Williams fan, but I’ve gotta give him credit on this song. That’s two upbeat songs in a row. We’re getting into the album now!

7.) Touch feat. Paul Williams (Thumbs Down)

Again, this song is 8 minutes long so I can’t really judge the whole song, but this 1:30 clip is pretty turrible. It sounds like a damn Styx reject song (not that that is necessarily a bad thing but…wait a minute, yes. Yes that is a bad thing).

8.) Get Lucky feat. Pharrell Williams (Thumbs Up)

Pharrell, winning me over. This song is even better than the last one that he guested on!

9.) Beyond (Thumbs Up)

Close your eyes….and RISE! Where are we going? To the land of love, beyond love. That’s where! How could anyone hate on that?

10.) Motherboard (Thumbs Middle)

Cool strings and flutes made me feel like I was watching that guy’s solo performance in the Big Lebowski.

11.) Fragments of Time feat. Todd Edwards (Thumbs Up)

Keep on bringing back those fragments of time, Todd Edwards!

12.) Doin’ It Right feat. Panda Bear (Thumbs WAY Up)

Best song on the album thus far–and since there is only one song left, I’ll just declare it the best song of the album.

13.) Contact (Thumbs Up)

Whooo boy, did I almost speak too soon. Contact gives Doin’ It Right a run for its money, but I still think I prefer the former to the latter. But this is what electronic pop music should be. Fun, upbeat, synthed out to the MAX! This is how every album should end.

OK, so, let’s look at the totals, shall we?

Thumbs Up: 8

Thumbs Middle: 4

Thumbs Down: 1

So yeah, it looks like the album is all that it’s cracked up to be. A little slow at the beginning, but once it gets cranking, watch out cause it starts moving! I would definitely recommend checking it out.

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  • Why don’t you just buy the whole song? I don’t have to buy it…I want to taste it…I just want a little taste of it.

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