Blame the Media!

Oh jeez, as always, when a scandal breaks, it isn’t the fault of the people responsible.  It is the fault of the media.

We have heroes and when these heroes make a mistake, it is tough to reconcile and so we blame the messenger. Never mind the fact that the messenger exists to report on facts, and the facts are sometimes hard to take.

In the past week, we’ve had two instances of media bashing.  In the first, a presidential candidate blamed the media for all of his problems, even though it is a FACT that a $46,000 settlement was reached out of court between a woman who complained about his inappropriate behavior and the company where he was employed. This is a fact–but when the media reports on it, they are bashed.

We’ll know more about what happened with a certain coach as the story unfolds, but what is true is that he was made aware of (allegedly) inappropriate behavior involving his assistant coach and a young child. In a shower. And he simply did not do enough.  In fact, he even admits that he could’ve done more: “With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more.”

So there it is, straight from his own mouth.  He wishes that he had done more.  But he didn’t and he is now fired because of it.  Is that the fault of the media?  No.  It is the fault of his own actions, or rather, inaction.

Students from the University where the coach was employed took to the streets last night in anger.  At one point one student said that they feel like the media took down the coach because of the way they portrayed his involvement in the scandal.

They weren’t mad at the coach for failing to notify authorities (I’m talking POLICE not the AD) about “disturbing” actions that (allegedly) took place in a shower with one of his coaches and a ten year old boy. They were mad at the media.  Makes sense.

Anyway, I have a race to run this weekend so that’s all I got.  Here is my three team tease, which I hit last week for the first time in Headrush history!

St. Louis +2.5 at Cleveland

Minnesota +13.5 at Green Bay

Chicago -2.5 vs. Detroit

As for tonight, I like San Diego -7 over Oakland.  It was an interesting move by Hue Jackson benching DHB (The Raiders leading receiver) in favor of a washed up vet in TJ Hous last week.  I’m really surprised it didn’t work out.

Gah!  Hue Jackson makes me angry.  Anyway, enjoy the games folks!

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