About the NBA

I hate to be the 10000000000th person online to compare the NBA to the WWE, but come on. They’re making it really hard not to.

Last night, the Hornets, who the NBA still owns until July, won the first overall pick in the NBA Draft. Shocking.

This isn’t just a little bit fishy, this is like when Vince McMahon won the Royal Rumble. Nobody thought, ‘How did that happen?’ Everyone thought, ‘Oh yeah, he owns the company, he can do whatever he wants.’

That’s what the NBA has become. And that’s why, well, it kinda sucks.

It should be noted, that this all happened on the same night where Lebron James took 24 free throws and the Celtics (note: the entire Celtics TEAM) took 29. The full free throw disparity was: Heat 47, Celtics 29.

So yeah, good job NBA.

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