My Nickname is Chooch!

October 18, 2010 Randy Neil

Last night we all witnessed the Phillies destroy the Giants.  The series is tied at 1-1 heading into San Francisco and Cole Hamels is taking the mound for us.  I’m pumped.  After that ridiculous Game 1 loss, I was distraught.

The best part of that entire game last night was the Philadelphia Phillies introducing themselves in the line-up.  Carlos Ruiz in a broken spanglish accent says “My neeeckname es Choooch!!”  It took me a little searching, but I found the video, and some other gems from last night.  Enjoy!



*I also had a video of a fan who threw up on the field ON camera near a foul ball, but MLB found it and destoryed it on youtube…. oh well.

Haha, I don’t know if anyone else noticed last night, but Pat Burrell and Chooch were having words at the plate.  I couldn’t tell if it was good words or bad words or what was even being said, but I can imagine it went something like this :

Pat : Yo Chooch, how’s it going man?  It’s been a long time.

Chooch : Don’t ju talk to me mang.  Aye dunno ju no more holmes.  Pheeeelies for dey life beeetch!

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