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2020 NFC Divisional Round Playoff Predictions!

Man, how sweet are the graphics Randy’s been cooking up lately? You should just stop reading the column now and scroll back up to bask in their glory. Appreciating the Star Wars graphics is an apt way to start the blog as last week, while I went 1-1 in my picks, I totally whiffed on my Star Wars analogy. Here I thought Titans coach Mike Vrabel was young Anakin to Belichick’s older and wiser Kenobi–the implication being that the young Padawan would eventually be chopped to pieces on Mustafar. I should’ve known that it was more like Vrabel being…

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2020 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Predictions!

Ok. So. Last week didn’t really pan out how I projected and I put up a mighty goose-egg for the wild card round.  Who would have guessed that Kirk Cousins would finally emerge from his cocoon into a beautiful butterfly? Not me.  And definitely not you. But I digress! We decided to switch it up this week and exchange conferences. I will be doing the AFC and Adam will be coming later with the NFC picks.  Sounds like the Headrush crew is dialed in exactly where we need to be in order to come up with some frothy Divisional…

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Swingin’ on the Haters

What a crazy world we live in.  You accidentally run into a player with your head, you get fined or suspended.  You intentionally run into a player with your fists, with his helmet off, and you’re not suspended, and given the game ball at the end of the day. Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan both got ejected yesterday for fighting and ripping each other’s helmets off, and let me tell you, it was awesome.  That was probably the coolest thing I’ve seen happen for a while.  You know Finnegan was about to get destroyed from the hay-makers of someone around 40…

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