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Big Brother for the Win

My pick for the Super Bowl is based solely on personal experience. When it comes to pick-up games of basketball, soccer, football, baseball, wall ball, knee football, sharks and minoes, freedom, sardines, lacrosse, 500, king of the hill, rumble fumble, sledding, water balloon fights, back yard wrestling, and of course, half marathons, my big brother–the wolfman–has always held sway over his younger counter part. Therefore, my Super Bowl pick reasoning goes like this:┬áJohn Harbaugh is older than Jim Harbaugh. Therefore, my pick for the Super Bowl winner is: The Ravens, 24-20. Enjoy!

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In West Philadelphia, Born and Raised…..

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith are now partial owners of the Philadelphia 76ers. That. Is. Awesome. A midst all the terrible basketball news, a small shining face peers through the clouds and allows a bit of sunshine in. That face is Will Smith’s. Welcome to the 76ers, Mr. Smith. Last year, Adam, Brendan (former, much lazier writer), and I attended a Sixers/OKC game and sat courtside. We were within feet of Andre Iguodala, Coach Collins, and many others. This year, if David Stern permits, we’ll be sitting court-side once more, but this time along with Will Smith….

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