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Before the Storm Comes the Thunder

Man, all these NCAA violations are getting me fired up. First, BYU suspends their second best player before the biggest national tournament because he got freaky in pre-marital sex, then today Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel gets suspended 2 games and a quarter million dollar fine for knowing about players selling their used uniforms for cash. It’s a god damn joke that players are intended to make absolutely no money the entire duration of their career at a college they help make millions of dollars. It’s a quarter million dollar joke that Jim Tressel is losing for…

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Last Word on Iguodala

This is it, after this, I will no longer be posting about Andre Iguodala.  But I had to post about last night. Here’s what happened. Sixers down by 3.  Time expiring.  Iggy shoots a three.  Misses BUT gets fouled.  Awesome.  He hits the first one.  Hits the second one.  And then… CLANK! Misses the third one.  Misses a chance to tie the game.  Then, with the Sixers still down THREE mind you and with even less time left in the game (about 11 seconds) he gets the ball and shoots a TWO point jump shot that again clanks off…

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