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Firefly 2014 Review: The Origin of Bro Alley

As a Delawarean, I felt it was my duty to attend the 2014 Firefly Music Festival.  For 3 years now, Red Frog Events has hosted the huge music festival in Dover, Delaware and I’ve made it to all three.  They’ve nearly quadrupled the size of the inaugural event , which has come with its perks and problems.  The atmosphere has changed a bit, the “bros” have become a bit more “bro-ey”, but Firefly still stands to be one of the most enjoyable summer events for Delaware. This year, Firefly changed its format to a 4-day event as opposed to a 3-day…

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The King of the Losers

And the winner of this year’s NCAA March Madness Bracket is….. DRUMROLL….. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! That’s right, folks. Ya boy took it down. The name of my bracket? A very simple, ‘Randy – The NBA is better.’ I wish I could describe some of my strategy, but to be quite honest, there wasn’t any. I spend the first round picking the higher seeds, then, I just started randomly promoting teams to the next round with no rhyme or reason. Before the tournament, the big buzz was that Kentucky was favored to be the champion, so that’s who I picked. And people…

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