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1.) Ok, so I just read the Yahoo! Sports story on Drew Rosenhaus and how he may have swindled lots of NFL players out of money by getting them to invest in a project run by his buddy, Jeff Rubin. You know what that investment opportunity was? A rural Alabama BINGO PARLOR. Oh me oh my. What in the world are these NFL players thinking? Look, don’t get me wrong, it sucks that they got suckered out of their money, but if a buddy of mine came up to me and said, “Hey, you wanna invest a million dollars…

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A Barrage of Thoughts in Street Fighter Attacks

Well, well, well. Let’s see here. I’ve got a lot of topics to cover and so little time. What that really means is I’ve been watching a lot of TV and have formed opinions about things that I probably have no business discussing. Perhaps I’ll take a page from my colleague and use some rapid fire. COMING ATCHA!!! BAM! I hate Joe Buck. He’s an absolute moron. Not only do I find him pretentious and arrogant, but he’s also completely biased when it comes to Philly sports, and that, will not stand. Buck was commentating for the All-Star game…

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