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Random Thoughts

1.) The Sixers season is over, but I hope they at least win the next game to prolong the series.  We can complain about the foul calls from game one all we want, but the simple fact is that the Heat are a better team. Lebron and Wade just dick around for three quarters, give the Sixers hope and then crush it in the fourth. I hate them both.  Literally hate them.  At one point in last night’s game, Lebron missed a foul shot, Lou Williams grabbed the rebound and Lebron chest humped him the entire way down the…

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Sunday Funday!!

This is the best time to mix some potpourri into the blog.  A track from Cee-Lo’s upcoming album.  700k views in 4 days ain’t bad. {youtube}CAV0XrbEwNc{/youtube}

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