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Great Broadcasting Names: Ducis Rodgers

Without cable, if I want to watch TV in the morning or in the afternoon after work, I am usually forced to watch the local news. Which sucks. And is depressing. EXCEPT for the fact that Philly’s ABC sports anchor is named Ducis (pronounced ‘Deuces’) Rodgers. That is a great name. And I felt it was appropriate to start off with that in light of Randy posting the Anchorman 2 trailer (which looks awesome). Moving on. I wanted to do a track by track iTunes review for Kanye’s new album, but I couldn’t do it. Listening to Kanye just…

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Humble as I Mumble to Spaghetti Junction

1.) Did you know that the Outkast classic Stankonia is 11 years old?  Can you believe that?  Do you feel old?  I do. Stankonia was one of my favorite albums in high school, but I hadn’t listened to it in years.  In fact, as time passed, I started to feel like it was a tad bit overrated. Rolling Stone ranked it as the 359th greatest album of all time. Pitchfork had it at 13 of the greatest albums of the 2000s. Well, I listened to it yesterday.  I am listening to it now.  Is it overrated?  Hell NO!  If…

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