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Lame Best Ever Debates

Is Tom Brady the best quarterback EVER? You probably heard that question asked about a bazillion times over the past week. The short answer? Probably. But who cares? Aren’t best ever debates incredibly subjective? A fan of the Patriots would definitely say Brady, but a fan of the 49ers would lean towards Montana while a Steelers fan might be inclined to throw Bradshaw’s name out there. It all depends on who you ask.┬áThe problem with sports debates, however, is that you can only pick from a handful of candidates–only those 3 quarterbacks and maybe one or two others. It’s…

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Do You Know Who I Am? Yes, You’re Allen Iverson.

It’s been a year and a half since Allen Iverson took the court wearing a Philadelphia 76ers jersey. What many thought would be a long tenure that would eventually lead into retirement and the NBA Hall of Fame has now turned into a sad downward spiral of bizarre behavior and poor decision making. Since Stephen A. Smith publicly criticized Allen Iverson for having a gambling and drinking problem back in March 2010, Iverson has done everything he possibly could to live up to that speculation. After a very weird, very abrupt departure from the 76ers last year, Iverson went…

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