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Percy Harvin

The NFL Double Standard

Can you imagine if a team like the Jets had traded a first and seventh round pick in this year’s draft and a third round pick in next year’s draft for a wide receiver, and then gave that player a 5 year contract worth 25.5 million dollars in guaranteed money AND THEN it turned out that player had to have hip surgery and was out for–possibly–the entire season? BEDLAM! But instead, we get….crickets. From CBSSports “Obviously, this is bad news for the Seahawks.” Obviously. From ESPN “The loss of Harvin is significant, but not a huge setback for a…

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Charles Woodson returns to the Raiders

Woodson returns to the Raiders: Gear up the Hate Train

Yes. Sir. Holy crap, what a great day it is to be a Raiders fan. Not only did the Raiders sign Charles Woodson on Tuesday, but it turns out that he chose the Raiders OVER the Denver Broncos, which caused the internet bloggers to collectively pee their pants. How in the world could Woodson sign with the Raiders, who everybody is pegging as the worst team in the league right now on May 22, over the almighty Denver Broncos, who everybody is already handing the Superbowl to even though–again–it’s only May 22nd? Let’s take a look at some of…

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Michael Silver: The Raiders aren’t as lucky as the Colts

Michael Silver wrote an article last night talking about how Carson Palmer doesn’t want to play for the Raiders this year even if they pay him $10 million. ¬†OK. Then Carson Palmer is an idiot, but we already knew this much. What we didn’t know is that Silver somehow got his hands on a ‘document’ from inside the Raiders headquarters comparing the Colts situation to the Raiders last offseason. Now, before I go into how stupid this argument is because the Colts had THE NUMBER ONE PICK IN THE NFL DRAFT WHICH TURNED OUT TO BE ANDREW FREAKING LUCK…

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