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About That Whole Vincent Jackson Thing…

August 28, 2010 Randy Neil

altAlright, so if anyone recalls I basically stated that Vincent Jackson, the Pro Bowl San Diego Chargers receiver was headed to Seattle this year.   You can see that here.  The article posted August 13th.

It is now August 28th and nothing has come of it yet.  Earlier today though, I finally managed to find something on the subject that WASN’T the Minnesota Vikings turning down Jackson’s alleged $50 million dollar contract demand.  This is turning out to be false.

What the post does say is that Vincent Jackon’s restricted free agency limits who he is allowed to talk to, and the only team that San Diego has given Jackson permission to talk to is infact the Seahawks.  You can read that post here

So we’ll see what happens.  I’ll keep ya updated.


Vincent Jackson traded to Seattle Seahawks

August 13, 2010 Randy Neil

altToday, I finally get to do my best Adam Shefter impersonation.  “Sources” tell me that the hold out from 3 San Diego Chargers players are going to result in a few different outcomes, one of them being Vincent Jackson getting traded to Seattle.

Shawne Merriman has already arrived at camp after signing his restricted free agent tender, so he’s going to remain on the Chargers roster, but from the personal information I’ve gathered, he will not be accompanied by Pro-Bowl receiver Vincent Jackson.

“Sources” tell me that Jackson is going to resign with the San Diego and then immediately be traded to Seattle for an undisclosed amount or players. 

Jackson is still going to be suspended for the first 3 weeks of the regular season for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy by getting another DUI this past February.

These same sources are also telling me that is a very realistic possibility that Darrelle Revis will be sitting out this season and most likely traded at the end of the year.  That’s not that surprising of news though.

Who are these anonymous sources you ask?  Mind your business.  That’s who.  Just know that they are legitimate, and this is basically a 100% done deal. 

Finally, theheadrush.com can break a story before any of the associated press has.  Also, mind you, since I’m playing Adam Schefter, if this information I’ve received is infact false… I can just wipe my hands clean of this post and delete it. 

But seriously, look for it to happen.