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Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, T.I., and Meek Mill Rap Battle

December 21, 2012 Randy Neil

I wish I could make this up. On December 19th, several Philadelphia celebrities including DeSean Jackson, Michael Vick, and Meek Mill gathered for T.I.’s album release party. Apparently, DeSean Jackson starting promoting his record label and amateur rapper, which prompted Meek Mill to challenge him to a rap battle with his amateur rapper.

With $10k on the line, the two… umm… MC’s battled, judged by T.I., Michael Vick, and two other guys. Even Michael Vick ended up voting for the other MC, opposing DeSean Jackson. Guess those guys are going to be on different teams next year anyways.

Go ahead and kill 20 minutes of your day:

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