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Week 17, the Week of Futility and Quigley.

January 2, 2012 Randy Neil

Ahhhh, it was a tough Sunday wasn’t it? It’s hard to sit through football when there’s no fantasy implications or gambling taking place isn’t it? Just imagine if someone said, “Hey man, we’re going to watch baseball for 10 hours straight! It’ll be awesome!” Football was almost on that level.

Watching the Eagles cruise over the Redskins was only fitting now that the season is over. It sure is a lot easier to get that W when there’s no spotlight on anyone. The Raiders had a chance to take the division after the Broncos defeat and whiffed. I wonder what’s over the horizon for those guys now that Al Davis is dead.

I also wonder how big of a paycheck Matt Flynn is looking at next year when some team “Matt Cassel’s” him. You had the best day of your life kid. You beat out Aaron Rodgers and Brett Farve for single-game records in one of the most prestigious franchises in the history of sports. Enjoy it. The Detroit Lions however, just got tea-bagged by a second-stringer going into the playoffs, which probably has a lot of people wondering.

I’m wondering, too, so let’s get the predictions :

Saturday – Cincinnati Bengals @ Houston Texans

The Bengals practically fell into the playoffs, but honestly, the Texans kind of did that as well. Jake Delhomme almost led the Texans to a game-winning drive yesterday, but his resilient redneck shined through too brightly. After throwing a great pass for the touchdown, Delhomme immediately screams for the 2-point conversion to win the game, rather than tie. I suppose it’s fitting. You’re already set in the playoffs, there’s like 10 seconds left, no point in dragging it into overtime, but even after a false-start to set them back another 5 yards, he tries it again. The center high-snaps the ball over Delhomme’s head, game over. All I could think of was Point Break’s great line by none other than Gary Busey : “Utah…. gimme two!” So anywho’s, back to the game at hand. Texans 28, Bengals 17. Also, Cedric Benson has a heart attack.

Saturday – Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints

Yea, going back to my Matt Flynn conversation, the Detroit defense doesn’t look so hot right now. Put that against the New Orlean Saint offense that basically ripped apart my Carolina Panthers a few days ago, and you’ve got a recipe for a blow-out. I liked Jim Schwartz at the beginning of the year but after the Harbaugh handshake and sideline hissy fits, I’ve turned on the man. Saints 38, Lions 24.

Sunday – Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants

Who else feels good about that Cowboy’s meltdown? I sure do. If the Eagles can make it to the big show, the Cowboy’s shouldn’t either. This game, however, is probably going to be one of the better ones this weekend. Both have pretty good explosive players on either side of the ball, so I expect a few epic plays to be the difference maker. Giants pull it out. Giants 17, Falcons 14.

Sunday – Pittsburgh Steelers @ Denver Broncos

Yea, this game is going to be uncomfortable to watch. Seasoned veterans with tons of playoff experience going against an 8-8 team that barely made it in guided behind the arm of a quarterback not suited to play the position. Don’t get me wrong, I pull for Tebow. It would be nice to see someone rather unconventional actually excel in the league and when they went on that 6-game win streak, I was delighted. Last week against the Chiefs, Tebow looked atrocious. The magic is going to wear off. Steelers 21, Broncos 6.

Be sure to catch all the Charles Barkely Weight Watchers commericals that you can. It’s pure joy. THAT’s who we should all be taking advice from in regards to eating healthy, a man who’s neither fit nor healthy. It’s a real stretch these days for weight loss companies to find appropriate spokesmen but for real? Charles Barkley? My man was doing Taco Bell raps a year ago. “I’m here to talk to you about men’s food. Meatballs, steak, ribs, meatballs, pizza, wings, meatballs…”

Good stuff.

There’s a story floating around about 76ers’ player Lou Williams getting robbed, or almost being robbed rather. Apparently, a man drew a gun on Lou Williams, who was in Manayunk driving a rather lavish car, I assume, and was told to “run his shit.” Lou, being the dignified citizen he his, talked the man out of robbing him and then proceeded to buy the man lunch at McDonalds. Remarkable story, no? The only source for this story: Lou Williams. What is that?? Hahah, can famous athletes just make up incredible stories about themselves for PR? Yea, thanks but no thanks, Lou.

That story about Cam’ron thwarting a robbery at gunpoint is much more believable. Mainly, because Cam’ron had a gun-wound to prove it. True that.

And, because I never like to leave on a bad note, I present to you, Quigley. While looking up some Gary Busey “Gimme-Two” videos, I stumbled upon a trailer for Busey’s latest masterpiece, Quigley. A billionaire business man who dies in an accident but is banished from Heaven returns to Earth as a Pomeranian to right all his wrongs! Oh boy! Couple things stand out about this trailer : 1) He’s a billionaire, but he drives a $2000 Porsche? Seems fishy. 2) The fall at 0:42 is about as priceless as it could get. 3) His brother is a game programmer who develops games… on a disk drive… with just 1 copy, that the dog (played by Busey) delivers to an ad exec’s office just in time to blow his mind! Good news, guys and gals, they’re making a sequal.


Bring the King. It’s a Great Day in Philly.

April 24, 2011 Randy Neil

Man it feels good to be writing this post. The Philadelphia Phillies swept the San Diego Padres in 4 games. The Flyers somehow brought the Sabres to OT and won, forcing a game 7. Aaaaaand….

After 7 very long, very strenuous games with the Miami Heat this season, the Philadelphia 76ers have finally walked away with a victory. Every game was within reach and followed the exact same pattern, except this one.

Typically, the 76ers start the game off well and outscore the Heat. Then, through fouls and amazing shots, the Heat climb back in and make a final push in the 4th quarter. Every game it seemed like the “Big 3” were demoralizing the efforts of our younger players and it was keeping the game out of reach. It would happen on cue with about 5 minutes left in the game. You could set your watch to it.

Here’s some of the differences I saw in this game :

1) Altercations. For 6 games you could see the Sixers deflate after Lebron James and Dwayne Wade put on a spectacle. For game 4 of this playoff series, you finally saw the 76ers show some teeth. Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner both got in the face of Jones in the 2nd quarter, and it had to be broken up. Spencer Hawes wrapped up Lebron James during a drive and he was livid. And Spencer Hawes got right back at him. You could finally see some anger when we used to just see despair. It showed resilience.

2) Fouls and points in the paint. We all know the insane amount of calls the Heat were getting nearly every time they drove in the paint. The Sixers weren’t getting those calls, but that’s mostly due to the fact that they weren’t even driving to the basket. Lou Williams, Evan Turner, and Jrue Holiday all drove in the paint consistently in the 4th and kept pushing to keep the intensity up. Yes, most of those got blocked, but it’s more the principle at that point. For the previous 3 games in this series when the lead would get out of hand, the Sixers fell back on making poor jumpers from outside, and a miss would result in an immediate rebound and score for the Heat. Driving helped keep the rebounds alive for us and established some presence where it hadn’t been before.

3) Miracles. Two back to back 3-pointers in the final 40 seconds of the game really made the difference. We finished the game 10-0 which is an absurd stat. The end-of-game stats were also much more favorable for the 76ers (which means they were actually even.) Team fouls were practically tied at 17 (MIA) and 18 (PHI.) Offensive rebounds, the stat that destroyed the Sixers, were dead even at 9 a piece. We actually out-rebounded them as a whole 18-16.

Even if we lost this game, I still would walk away with a great sense of accomplishment. We had 14 more wins than last year. We have a solid young core of great basketball players led by an amazing coach. The upcoming years in Philadelphia are going to be great.

It’s a great day to be in Philly. Happy Easter everybody.


Random Thoughts

April 22, 2011 Adam Thomas

1.) The Sixers season is over, but I hope they at least win the next game to prolong the series.  We can complain about the foul calls from game one all we want, but the simple fact is that the Heat are a better team. Lebron and Wade just dick around for three quarters, give the Sixers hope and then crush it in the fourth.

I hate them both.  Literally hate them.  At one point in last night’s game, Lebron missed a foul shot, Lou Williams grabbed the rebound and Lebron chest humped him the entire way down the court.  What is a chest hump, you ask?  It’s when you run up to the guy with the ball and lean all of your extremities back except for your chest and then thrust it into the player with the ball. I thought Lou was just gonna dribble the ball into the crowd to avoid Lebron’s chest humps.  Meanwhile the ref just stood their thinking, “Man, Lebron is so dreamy.”  F that guy, I have never wanted anyone to lose and never win a championship more than Lebron. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE.

2.) Look, I know that I am about 6 months too late, but that song “F you” by Cee Lo is F-ing TERRIBLE.  It may be one of the top ten worst songs I’ve ever heard. And this is from a guy who loves Cee Lo from his Goodie Mob and Perfect Imperfections days.  But man, that song is God awful.  There, I said it.  It had to be said.

3.) Did you know that .5 percent of the entire world population are descendants from Genghis Khan?  That is 16 million people.  Talk about a prolific lover.  Leon Phelps ain’t got nothing on Khan (early 2000’s SNL reference anyone?) Also helping is the fact that one of his sons had 40 sons of his own.

4.) The NFL Draft is coming up and since the Raiders don’t have a first round pick, I haven’t been paying too much attention up until this point. But now, I’m immersed.  Here are some quick hits:

A.) The Panthers selecting Cam Newton will be a mistake.  Take it from a guy who’s team took a great SEC passer instead of a can’t miss receiver in 2007. The parallels between the Panthers in 2011 and Raiders circa 2007 couldn’t be more apparent.  The best player in the draft (arguably) is a WR, then it was Calvin Johnson and now it is AJ Green.  Both teams desperately need an upgrade at receiver.  At the time, Lane Kiffin wanted Johnson in the first and then Trent Green in the second.  That is exactly what the Panthers should do in this draft, even though they would need to trade back into the second round.  I say, draft AJ Green, or hell even Patrick Peterson. Then trade back into the second to get a QB like Colin Kapernick.  OR just stand pat with Jimmy Clausen and draft the can’t miss WR.  Mark my words, Cam Newton will disappoint.

B.) The Eagles should draft Jimmy Smith if they have the chance.  Yes the guy has character concerns, but you also know who has those?  Mike Vick and so far, that has worked out OK. Their secondary sucks (besides Asante) and they could use a guy like Smith who looks like he will be incredible.

C.) The Raiders will trade back into the first round OR they will stay where they are and take a CB or QB.  If they do trade into the first round, their target will be Jimmy Smith, for sheezy.

5.) As a child,  Elizabeth Bathory (aka Bloody Mary) witnessed a gypsy, who had been accused of selling off his children to some Turks, have his whole body, except for his head, sewn into the stomach of a dying horse and then he was left to die.  Holy. Crap. That would suck. Take THAT Human Centipede!

Sorry to leave you on such an uplifting note, but hey, it’s FRIDAY!


It All Looks Downhill From Here

April 5, 2011 Randy Neil

Ugh. My first pessimistic 76ers post in 4 months. It’s right before playoff time and things could possibly be in turmoil. Lou Williams, arguably the heart and soul of the Sixers locker room, is out for the foreseeable future with a hamstring injury. After an MRI on Sunday, it was reported that his injury was more serious than initially assessed and no one has given a time frame for his return.

In response to the injury, the 76ers signed this guy, Antonio Daniels. Don’t know who he is? Most people don’t. But he’s been an NBA player on 7 teams for a 13-year career, winning 1 NBA Championship with the San Antonio Spurs. He’s been to the play offs 10 times. That was the good part of the story. The bad part is he played only 4 games the entire 99′ Spurs Championship play off run. Daniels has spent the last 10 years being traded from team to team as a ‘average’ bench player and played last year in the NBA D-League after his contract was bought out by the Timberwolves because he wasn’t getting any minutes.

The Sixers signed Daniels to a 10-day contract to finish out the rest of the season without Lou, with a chance to extend it for the playoffs pending Williams’ injury.

We play the Celtics tonight in Boston and I’m not going to even watch it. I’ll be at a Rick Ross concert because I enjoy paying a rich person to tell me how much better their life is than mine through music. The next day we play a home game against the Knicks.

It’s 3 more games after that and then we hit the playoffs. Most likely, it’s still going to be the Miami Heat, a team we just recently lost a heart-wrenching game to. With Lou Williams I would think our team could have a shot. Without, I don’t have any hope.

It’s been a great year watching the 76ers. This season has been a drastic improvement from last years and I walk away from this certainly feeling more satisfied than I would have guessed. I want to end it now, on a good note, rather than at the hands of Lebron James and the Heatles.

We upset the #1 team in the West. We upset the #1 and #2 team in the East. We finished above .500 with the 6th seed in the East. It’s a year to be proud of. I will be buying a Spencer Hawes jersey. Lol.

Here’s to the year. It’s been a good one. #showyaluv


Playing with my Twitterous

February 20, 2011 Randy Neil

Last night was pretty epic. Blake Griffin “stunned” the world by jumping over a damn Kia, something only, I’d say, 75% of male athletes could accomplish. Still, with the choir singing, and the hype that went along with it, it turned out pretty sick. Here it is if you missed it:

They said he won with 68% of the vote. I’m gonna go ahead and guess that probably 50% of the votes were in before the two even dunked. It’s a popularity contest, (see Iguodala, 2006,) so I properly predicted the victor two days ago. Hooray for me.

It was priceless how the soloist from the Crenshaw Choir basically got dunked on during his singing, because he made it 2 lines and then they were like “Yea, time to stop singing now, your solo is over, he’s done.” Was that planned?

The other guy in the finals, Javale Mcghee, was not only the most intelligent sounding man I’ve ever heard speak (even Charles Barkley was laughing at him) but it seemed like he didn’t plan this out as well as he should have. His dunks were sick. The two dunks at the same time dunk was gross, the full circle flying away from the rim dunk was super gross, but at the end, it looked like his finale was poorly planned, even switching after a few failed attempts. That’s not gonna get you beyond star power. You weren’t gonna win anyway, oh well.

Also gotta point out that on live TV Charles Barkley said “Hey man, that ain’t the best dunk I’ve ever seen, but it’s like a pretty girl. She may be dumb, but if she pretty, it don’t matter.” Well said Mr. Barkley.

I also have to mention this, simply because I’m blown away with how behind the curve I am sometimes with modern technology. I’m a web designer, but I don’t even own a smart phone, and just recently got a twitter account (thanks to Adam’s reminders.) Twitter if friggin’ awesome. Following Spencer Hawes and Lou Williams (TeamLou23) on Twitter is awesome. It just reminds me how uncool and unsuccessful I truly am. lol.

The coolest thing though is seeing how many girls follow Lou Williams, and how many girls are absolutely on his shit. It’s amazing. The man threw a party last night, and I’ve probably seen 20 hot half-naked women retweet his party as the best they’ve ever been to. And I’m talking dimes. The man is a party animal, props to Lou for making the All-Star Break everything it can be. (In the picture he’s actually pointing to a ho he plans on taking home.)

Ah well. It’s a Sunday. Take it easy, enjoy the day. I leave you with the 06 Iguodala Dunk Contest video, simply because me and Adam both agree, it may very well be the nastiest dunks of the past decade.