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Congratulations on the Championship Lebron!

June 21, 2012 Adam Thomas

1.) In less than 24 hours, Lebron James will have his first NBA title. This much we know. The Oklahoma City Thunder (who one Headrush writer proclaimed were ‘Built to Last’ before covering himself and picking the Heat to win the championship), have folded like a chair. They look like scared kittens about to be put in a box Milo style and sent down the river by Lebron.

This thing is over. The only thing that I know for sure–besides that the Heat will win tonight–is that this is the worst case scenario for the NBA.

I watched PTI for the first time in forever last night, and they had on Charles Barkley as a guest. He said as much. People LOVE rooting against Lebron James, and now that he is about to win his first championship, it will be much harder to doubt that he is as good as advertised. The man is a machine, and he is about to be a machine with a ring on his finger.

Which is why this is trouble for the NBA. You need the villain to root against. It’ll be hard to root AGAINST Lebron after he wins tonight. Sure, it’ll be easy to dislike him, to hate him even, but it’ll also be that much harder to ignore his championship.

Which is why it will be a LOT easier to not watch the NBA next year (except for Sixers games). Make no mistake about it, I am watching these finals to see Lebron fail. Everything else is secondary to the opportunity to see a massive ego deflated, and a much hyped “brand” go down in flames.

If he succeeds, there will be no more interest. Will I tune in next year if Lebron is in the finals? No. Cause he already has his ring. Even if he fails, he already succeeded, so what’s the point?

So congratulations, Lebron. Tonight is the night that you prove the haters wrong. That you take the next step. It’s been 9 years in the making, but it’s your time now. I will sure miss rooting against you.

2.) By the way, I finally watched a Phillies game last night and boy oh boy did I pick a great game to watch!  The outcome was never really in doubt. I have no idea why (actually, it was because I was eating a sandwich with a ‘Phillies’ sponsored roll that gave me the confidence), but I just knew they were going to win. Even when they went down by a run in the 9th, I knew they would pull it off.

And seeing Wiggington lumber around the base path like an out of control Grizzly bear on roller skates when he scored from 1st on Hunter Pence’s double was the highlight of the night.

You done UNCA proud Ty! And Phillies, let’s have more of that please.

That’s it for me.  And once again, congrats ahead of time on the championship Lebron!


Why Would you Want to be a Referee?

June 15, 2012 Adam Thomas

1.) Seriously, who ARE these people?  Why in the world would anyone ever want to be a referee?  I can’t think of a more thankless job.

During these NBA Finals, all I’ve heard is “These refs are calling too many fouls!  Just let them play!”  OK, fair argument. They are calling a ton of fouls.  But then last night, when Kevin Durant goes up for a shot with a chance to tie the game, he gets “fouled” by Lebron, the referee doesn’t call the foul, instead he let’s them play…which is what everyone has been calling for…and now everyone is screaming “Why didn’t they make that call!”  “That was a foul!”

Oh my goodness, make up your minds. I think it’s only a big deal because the non-call (which was really, very close and could’ve gone either way) was with Lebron making the play.

2.) By the way, in case you haven’t been paying attention, the Heat are going to win this NBA Finals. Everybody just better get used to Lebron getting his first championship because they completely fluster the Thunder. Their defense disrupts the Thunder’s offense and last night, the Thunder looked like annoyed little children while the Heat looked like the grown ups. Go figure.

But yeah, official prediction is Heat in 6.

3.) And allow me to offer this retort to Randy’s whole “Lebron is going back to Cleveland and everyone will love him for it.” First of all, he is not going back to Cleveland. Second of all, people will hate him regardless. I know I will. It is just a lot of fun rooting against Lebron.

I’ve read a lot of stuff on-line recently with people saying stuff to the effect of “I don’t understand why people hate Lebron James. He is a good guy!” So, as one of the haters, it got me thinking, why do I not like Lebron James?  I think it mostly comes down to the fact that he seems like a jerk. His mom bought him a hummer when he was 18, and he calls himself “King” James, which is pretty pretentious. Think about this, if you knew someone who at age 18 drove a hummer and called himself “King” whatever, you would not like that person, even if he threw down thunderous dunks.

Is he a great basketball player? Sure. But I can never root for him. He just seems like an entitled prick.

4.) Moving on, Beach House’s new album “Bloom” is pretty great. But just be careful where you listen to it, cause that thing will put you to sleep in a nanosecond!

5.) Talking soccer real quick, Euro 2012 is incredible to watch. My pick to win it all is…CROATIA! You heard it hear first!

That’s it for me. Enjoy your Friday everyone!

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The Thunder Are Built to Last

June 8, 2012 Adam Thomas

Built to last till time itself falls tumbling from the wall
Built to last till sunshine fails and darkness moves on all
Built to last while years roll past like cloudscapes in the sky
Show me something built to last or someone built to try—Grateful Dead

Bill Walton would be proud. Starting out an article using a Grateful Dead song to describe an NBA team. That song–I think–is about how nothing lasts forever, not even TIME (far out). My counter argument to the Grateful Dead would be to look at the Oklahoma City Thunder. They my friends, are built to last.

Their nucleus is young and locked up for a while, their bench is deep and their coach is great. This is their first trip to the finals. I doubt it will be their last. I fully expect them to handle the Celtics and the Heat easily. That is, of course unless…

2.) Lebron James has 4 games in a row like he had last night.  Good golly what a show.  Look, I hate Lebron James, you hate Lebron James. Everyone hates Lebron James. The dude is a douche. And how cringe worthy is it every time someone refers to him as a “BRAND.” Gah!  Shut up. Enough with the brands!  He is a human, a player. And he is phenomenal at what he does, when he chooses to do it.

Which is why he is easy to hate. He made it look so easy last night, and it makes you wonder ‘why can’t he do that every night?’ I dunno. I don’t even think Lebron knows. He is a man-child of the highest order. If he ever becomes “the man” like we saw last night on a full time basis, then watch out. Championships are in his future and haters like me will just have to give credit where credit is due. Or pretend like the NBA doesn’t exist.

3.) Speaking of the NBA…the Sixers are heading for a pretty interesting off-season.  And me and Randy could not disagree more about what they should do with Iguodala. My position is the same as it has been for the last 4 years. TRADE HIM. Yes he throws down thunderous dunks, but he also has bad knees, can’t score and never “takes a game over.” Evan Turner–even if this was a TERRIBLE thing to do at times–at least tried to put the team on his shoulders in the playoffs, and that’s what I like to see. I like my team leader to not be afraid to fail, Iggy is TERRIFIED of it. He always has been (not unlike a certain person mentioned above). To be fair, Iggy did have some big moments in these most recent playoffs, but it’s too little too late. I’m tired of the Sixers settling for mediocrity.

If they can move Iggy for a top ten pick, I do it in a heartbeat. Goodbye Iggy, Lou and Spencer.  Don’t let the door hit ya.

4.) Phillies. Bleh. Terrible. Time for a sad confession. I have not watched one game from start to finish ALL SEASON LONG. Isn’t that a sad statement to make? Yes. But it’s true. I don’t think I could name you the Phillies line-up. Call me a front runner if you want, but I think I’d be like this even if they were winning. I’d just be bragging more (isn’t that the definition of a ‘front runner?’) Baseball is just incredibly boring to me. It’s like hockey in that regard. Playoff baseball and hockey are awesome to watch. The regular season…not so much.




McNabb Frolics in the Ocean

May 17, 2012 Adam Thomas

You know, it gets kind of hard to write these posts sometimes. There’s only so much to talk about on a weekly basis.  And I’m lazy.

But every once in awhile, a video comes along that changes EVERYTHING!  This week, that video came as I was listening to Dave Dameshek’s superb NFL.com podcast (for those of you who have never heard Dameshek, do yourself a favor and give him a listen. High comedy).

If you haven’t seen the video, just follow this link. (Again, too lazy to imbed but maybe Randy will after I post this).

The highlights of this video include: A.) Some guy running at McNabb with a freaking broom stick raised really high over his head as McNabb attempts to pass the ball.

B.) Fat Donovan McNabb standing in the ocean throwing a football to…well…who knows. Maybe a mermaid, maybe a dolphin, maybe to nobody at all.

I’m going to go ahead and say that this video of Fat McNabb frolicking in the waves will not get him signed by a team.

As Dameshek put it, “Donovan McNabb, now he’s out of a job. In fact, I saw him, now he’s trying to get back into the NFL by losing weight and doing a bunch of cockamamie drills, standing in the ocean like he’s Daniel-son being taught by Mr. Miyagi. Or a football version of that. STANDING IN THE OCEAN GETTING HIT BY WAVES? Donovan McNabb, ugh.”

2.) Randy, stop posting about teams the day that they play. You always jinx them. Stop it.

3.) Can you imagine how the obnoxious the Celtics must be in every other aspect of their lives? My goodness. Watching them is worse than the Heat. Every time Paul Pierce drives into the lane, he literally SCREAMS: “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” his whole way to the hoop. It draws a whistle every time. That’s not the act of an NBA superstar, that’s the act of a drunk hobo chasing down a shopping cart with a busted wheel full of aluminum cans.

4.) Somebody needs to tell “Coach Spo” and the Lakers coach Mike Brown that they have Lebron James and Kobe Bryant on their teams. With the Heat down 3, who did Spo draw up a play for? Not Wade. Not Lebron. But some scrub from Kansas! (Mario Chalmers).

But Brown topped him. Instead of having Kobe Bryant take the game winning shot, he drew up a play for….STEVE BLAKE! The poor man’s (or white trash version) of JJ Reddick.

5.) Good on ya Hector Luna! Man, what an exciting Phillies season, amiright? It’s been a rough start, but they’ve won 4 in a row (I think), and are only 1.5 games back of the wildcard. How is that possible?  HOW!

As Gandalf would say, “There was never much hope, only a fools hope. Now go make me some sammiches.”

6.) House Hunters was in Wilmington, Delaware last night!  Crazy!  It’s always fun seeing places that you know on TV. When they went to Costa Rica, my brain almost exploded when I saw the horse that tried to kill me.

On that note….until next time!


Date with Ikea

February 3, 2012 Adam Thomas

1.) For the record, Blake Griffin’s “Dunk” over Kendrick Perkins was not technically a dunk.  Remember a few years back when Dwight Howard put on the Superman cape and jumped up and chucked the ball into the hoop during the dunk contest?  A lot of people cried “That’s not a dunk!” Well, that is exactly what Griffin did to Perkins.  He jumped really high, got fouled and chucked the ball into the hoop.  Impressive?  OF COURSE!  Dunk?  I think not. Kevin Durant agrees with me!

2.) Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots, recently said, “We’re red, white and blue and our name is Patriots. How can you hate something like that?”  Quite easily, Kraft, cause you make pretentious comments like that. And your QB’s supermodel girlfriend sends out an e-mail asking for friends to pray for “Tommy” as he tries to win the Super Bowl.  Cause that’s what he needs, MORE good fortune in his life. He’s already had the “Tuck Rule”…I think that’s enough good fortune for ten lifetimes.

3.) Stef and I took our first trip to Ikea last Saturday and I have got to say, that place is pretty fun.  It’s like a museum you can touch! It has comfy sofas and couches and beds, and it has…wait for it…CHICKEN FINGERS!  Holy cow, what a place.  You can just be dipping chicken fingers in honey mustard and drinking a Mountain Dew whilst standing in a kitchen with marble counter tops, stainless steel appliances and new age wine racks.  It’s DIVINE!

4.) My friends have recently been asking me to play a lot of poker, and you know what?  I LOVE IT!  I forgot how much fun poker can be, and hadn’t really played in a while.  Luckily, we had one game that wasn’t for money and it taught me that I really needed to hone my skills back to where they were a few years ago during the height of the poker craze–when I lived with Randy and he would leave books by Barry Greenstein lying around and I’d watch Rounders three times a week.

So before heading back to the table to play for some money, I decided to play on-line to test my skills against a bunch of people I didn’t know. I forgot how much fun it can be to bust somebody who is a complete stranger to you, and how deliciously aggravating it can be to lose a hand on the river to somebody you’ve never seen. After playing on-line for a bit, I felt like my skills were sufficiently up to snuff. And lo and behold, I won the next game against my friends.

5.) We’re heading up to the Sixers tonight and I get to do my two favorite things during an NBA game.  1.) Cheer for the Sixers and 2.) BOOOOOOOO Lebron James!  Hooray!

6.) I turned on–and quickly turned off in favor of “Turner and Hooch”–Sportscenter this morning and for some reason, Skip Bayless was interviewing Tim Tebow.  WHY? It made me throw up a little bit in my mouth, but there is no doubt that Bayless was in heaven.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that Bayless’ heaven involves Tebow karate chopping Lebron James in the throat.

7.) While we’re on the subject of “Turner and Hooch” does it really have to end like that?  I’m just saying, it gets REALLY dark pretty quick.  I turned it off this morning before I turned into a puddle.

8.) Good for Sheamus winning the Royal Rumble!  I’ll never forget when NT first saw Sheamus and literally started screaming “EWWWWWWWW” The man is incredibly gross to look at, and his nickname “The Great White” is questionable at best, flat out racist at worst. His goatee also looks like what would happen if you sprinkled a bunch of Cheetos on a dry erase board.

9.) Oh, and if you’re still here, my Super Bowl pick is Giants 27, Patriots 24.

Enjoy the game!



A Quick Dip in the Pool

August 24, 2011 Randy Neil

I gotta keep it short and sweet this time, kids. It’s been a busy week for yours truly, and although my passion and love for sports is stronger than ever, life has been beating me up and destroying my free time. Just to give you an idea, I’ve got 200 trinomial equations to simplify before Friday. Yippie.

It’s imperative I start off by saying, “How ’bout John Mayberry Jr.??” The kid is on fire. Usually when a guy gets limited at bats, like a pinch-hitter, they struggle seeing the ball well and don’t get enough practice to be worth-while. Mayberry Jr. has been filling in for our suspended Victorino and grazing Ibanez with stellar numbers. A joyous sign of things to come.

Football is on the way and I couldn’t be more ready. With school kicking my ass, I’ve signed up for 0 fantasy leagues, haven’t made ours, and spent no time researching all my secret sleepers (like Johnnie Lee Higgins.) Did you scoff at that? That’s what I mean. I have no idea what I’m talking about and probably didn’t even spell the kid’s name right. I promise to be more prepared next week.

Terrelle Pryor got signed by the Raiders this week. Welcome, Adam, to being a fan of a team that has signed an over-hyped quarterback. Although his team isn’t relying on this signing to perform right away (like my team, the Panthers n’ Cam Newton), there’s still plenty of scrutiny to come with this guy. I guess there was also that JaMarcus Russell guy, too.

Roger Goodell (the NFL commissioner and fine-nazi) allowed Terrelle Pryor to enter the supplemental draft in order to enter the NFL this year. Then, he “punished” Pryor for his college violations by suspending him for 5 games in the NFL regular season.

Let me say that again…. Roger Goodell suspended Terrelle Pryor for 5 games in the NFL for violations he committed in college.

How can that possibly be?? That’s like getting fired from a job for being late, getting a new job, and then being punished for being fired at your old job. That’s insane. Not only is it insane, it’s also the first time in NFL history that a player was punished before he ever took the field for an NFL team. It doesn’t matter whether you believe what Pryor did was right or wrong, it’s ludicrous.

Ah well, when it’s Cam Newton v. Terrelle Pryor in the Superbowl, I’ll have more opportunity to give Adam a hard time.

I wanna leave you guys with a video my friend put together last week. It’s dedicated to our most hated players in sports today. A montage of your favorite athletes to loathe. Enjoy, haters….