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Congratulations on the Championship Lebron!

June 21, 2012 Adam Thomas

1.) In less than 24 hours, Lebron James will have his first NBA title. This much we know. The Oklahoma City Thunder (who one Headrush writer proclaimed were ‘Built to Last’ before covering himself and picking the Heat to win the championship), have folded like a chair. They look like scared kittens about to be put in a box Milo style and sent down the river by Lebron.

This thing is over. The only thing that I know for sure–besides that the Heat will win tonight–is that this is the worst case scenario for the NBA.

I watched PTI for the first time in forever last night, and they had on Charles Barkley as a guest. He said as much. People LOVE rooting against Lebron James, and now that he is about to win his first championship, it will be much harder to doubt that he is as good as advertised. The man is a machine, and he is about to be a machine with a ring on his finger.

Which is why this is trouble for the NBA. You need the villain to root against. It’ll be hard to root AGAINST Lebron after he wins tonight. Sure, it’ll be easy to dislike him, to hate him even, but it’ll also be that much harder to ignore his championship.

Which is why it will be a LOT easier to not watch the NBA next year (except for Sixers games). Make no mistake about it, I am watching these finals to see Lebron fail. Everything else is secondary to the opportunity to see a massive ego deflated, and a much hyped “brand” go down in flames.

If he succeeds, there will be no more interest. Will I tune in next year if Lebron is in the finals? No. Cause he already has his ring. Even if he fails, he already succeeded, so what’s the point?

So congratulations, Lebron. Tonight is the night that you prove the haters wrong. That you take the next step. It’s been 9 years in the making, but it’s your time now. I will sure miss rooting against you.

2.) By the way, I finally watched a Phillies game last night and boy oh boy did I pick a great game to watch!  The outcome was never really in doubt. I have no idea why (actually, it was because I was eating a sandwich with a ‘Phillies’ sponsored roll that gave me the confidence), but I just knew they were going to win. Even when they went down by a run in the 9th, I knew they would pull it off.

And seeing Wiggington lumber around the base path like an out of control Grizzly bear on roller skates when he scored from 1st on Hunter Pence’s double was the highlight of the night.

You done UNCA proud Ty! And Phillies, let’s have more of that please.

That’s it for me.  And once again, congrats ahead of time on the championship Lebron!


Why Would you Want to be a Referee?

June 15, 2012 Adam Thomas

1.) Seriously, who ARE these people?  Why in the world would anyone ever want to be a referee?  I can’t think of a more thankless job.

During these NBA Finals, all I’ve heard is “These refs are calling too many fouls!  Just let them play!”  OK, fair argument. They are calling a ton of fouls.  But then last night, when Kevin Durant goes up for a shot with a chance to tie the game, he gets “fouled” by Lebron, the referee doesn’t call the foul, instead he let’s them play…which is what everyone has been calling for…and now everyone is screaming “Why didn’t they make that call!”  “That was a foul!”

Oh my goodness, make up your minds. I think it’s only a big deal because the non-call (which was really, very close and could’ve gone either way) was with Lebron making the play.

2.) By the way, in case you haven’t been paying attention, the Heat are going to win this NBA Finals. Everybody just better get used to Lebron getting his first championship because they completely fluster the Thunder. Their defense disrupts the Thunder’s offense and last night, the Thunder looked like annoyed little children while the Heat looked like the grown ups. Go figure.

But yeah, official prediction is Heat in 6.

3.) And allow me to offer this retort to Randy’s whole “Lebron is going back to Cleveland and everyone will love him for it.” First of all, he is not going back to Cleveland. Second of all, people will hate him regardless. I know I will. It is just a lot of fun rooting against Lebron.

I’ve read a lot of stuff on-line recently with people saying stuff to the effect of “I don’t understand why people hate Lebron James. He is a good guy!” So, as one of the haters, it got me thinking, why do I not like Lebron James?  I think it mostly comes down to the fact that he seems like a jerk. His mom bought him a hummer when he was 18, and he calls himself “King” James, which is pretty pretentious. Think about this, if you knew someone who at age 18 drove a hummer and called himself “King” whatever, you would not like that person, even if he threw down thunderous dunks.

Is he a great basketball player? Sure. But I can never root for him. He just seems like an entitled prick.

4.) Moving on, Beach House’s new album “Bloom” is pretty great. But just be careful where you listen to it, cause that thing will put you to sleep in a nanosecond!

5.) Talking soccer real quick, Euro 2012 is incredible to watch. My pick to win it all is…CROATIA! You heard it hear first!

That’s it for me. Enjoy your Friday everyone!

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Slam Dunking on Some Reindeer

December 23, 2011 Randy Neil

The winter solstice is upon us. Days are officially getting longer from here on out and I have to admit, after losing in not only our fantasy league, but in every other one, I’m about over football (until the playoffs start.) My Panthers have absolutely no chance of making it in this year, and the Eagles have the most minuscule of chances as well. I went 1 for 2 overall in parlays, but without gambling or fantasy to keep me involved, Sunday has become an excuse to just eat wings. Last weekend, I ate 35. You thought I was kidding?

This weekend, however, football will have to hand over it’s shiny “King of Sundays” crown to another sport. On Sunday, the birth of our savior will be celebrated with one-handed alley-oops and vicious 360 dunks. The most upstanding of athletes like Carmelo Anthony and Meta World Peace will provide shining examples for children to observe on the most holiest of days.

Let us rejoice… and eat wings.

Noon O’Clock, Celtics vs. Knicks

This is probably a game better saved for prime time, but I suppose on Christmas Day, every time is prime time, amiright? The Celtics are old and the youth they brought in can’t necessarily fill all of their roles yet. Tyson Chandler was a huge pick-up for the Knicks. They are going to be nasty this season. The Knicks are back baby. Knicks 98, Celtics 90.

Two Thirty O’Clock, Heat vs. Mavericks

Rematch of la

st years finals. What the Mavericks did to finish of the year was incredible. Do I think Lebron James is through being the bad guy? No, not really. I think it’s only just begun. I expect the Heat to pretty much control this entire game. Heat 103, Mavericks 98.

Five O’Clock, Bulls vs. Lakers

Yeeeeaaaaaaa at the beginning pre-season I kept hearing all this talk about how bad the Lakers are going to be after missing out on all those free-agent acquisitions. I kept thinking: Yea, but they have Kobe Bryant… they’ll be fine. I still think they’ll be fine, but this year is probably going to start pretty slow. I almost think Kobe is sort of genius in the fact that he exceeds expectations only because he manipulates what they should be every year. You see this huge all-star basketball player and because the expectations are so high, he’ll lower them by getting hurt. I don’t think he intentionally gets hurt or fakes it or anything, but I think he can choose when he wants to “heal.” People don’t expect much out of hurt players, but because he’s Kobe, he can milk these first 20 games or so and not really have people get on his case. Then come playoff run time, they’ll climb back into the mix of things and make a serious run. Basically what I’m saying is the Lakers won’t do good and nobody will really give Kobe shit for it. Bulls 110, Lakers 95.

8 O’Clock, Magic vs. Thunder

Damned if I didn’t think the Thunder were going to make a serious run last year. Then Russel Westbrook decided to get all crazy and mess up all the chemistry of that team. If Kendrick Perkins can’t make ya’ll love one another, no one can. The Magic, however, have always worked without much love or compassion. The team lives and dies with Dwight Howard, and my guess is he ain’t happy. Thunder 94, Magic 80.

Ten Thirty O’Clock, Clippers vs. Warriors

It’ll be nice to see the Clippers new line-up. It will be sad to see the Warriors new line-up. Should be good for a few couple hundred Griffin Dunks. Clippers 112, Warriors 100.

Also have to restate that the Sixers are going to be incredible this year. Expect another slow start though, as the first 6 games are on the road and mainly on the west coast. Merry Christmas ya’ll.

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Random Thoughts

June 3, 2011 Adam Thomas

Some days you wake up and the sun is shining and all is right with the world.  But let’s rewind a bit first.

Last night I saw Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at the Wilmington Grand Opera House, and after an incredible 3 hours of the best musicianship I’ve seen in quite some time (the thrill of seeing the Flecktones is knowing that you’re going to see arguably the best banjo player in Fleck and arguably best bassist in Victor Wooten, and Vic’s brother Future Man and his drumitar and nifty hat), it was time to go home.

After the first intermission of the Flecktones, Randy was kind enough to text me that the Mavs were up by 8 on the Heat. So after the show, I tuned my radio to 97.5 to check in on the game and was shocked, literally horrified, to find that the Heat were absolutely CRUSHING the Mavs.  What. The. F.

It really pissed me off something royally that the Heat were just rolling over the Mavs, who seemed like they were resigned to their fate.  I shot off a pithy third person text to Randy: “Mavs suck. no more nba for ace. im disgusted by the playoffs. really turned off by it all” and after ranting on and on about why Lebron is evil to my dog and sleeping fiance, I finally fell asleep.

The jist of my argument is that Lebron is like the annoying kid in your neighborhood who would brag about beating Double Dragon, only when you went over to his house, you discovered that he beat it using Game Genie.  That’s all the Heat are, one big Game Genie.

Cut to this morning.  I turned on my phone. Text from Randy: Mavs won.  WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?  After calling Big Neil to confirm that the Mavs did indeed win and that Randy wasn’t just yanking my crank (wha?), I couldn’t wait to get to work.

I have never, ever been so excited to get to work to watch the NBA highlights.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to watch anything since the LOST finale.  But unlike the LOST finale, I knew that these highlights wouldn’t let me down.

The best part?  Dirk completely undressing Bosh in front of a national audience to win the game.  Holy balls is that embarrassing to watch. It’s like watching a frightened child piss all over himself in a crowded lunch room.  I almost feel bad for the guy.  But not really.

I also liked how the Heat manned up after the game and admitted that they took it a little too far with the pre-mature celebration when they went up by 15 with 7 minutes to go. Here is Lebron and Wade on it, showing a rare bit of humility and admitting that they messed up:

Lebron: “There was no celebration at all.”  Uh…

Wade: “There was no celebration. If it pumped them up, they won the game. Obviously it did something.  That’s not the first time. It won’t be the last time.”  OK then.

On to the thoughts!



Random Shallow Thoughts

April 8, 2011 Adam Thomas

“To me, clowns aren’t funny. In fact, they’re kinda scary. I’ve wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus and a clown killed my dad” –Jack Handey



Get it, deep thoughts…shallow thoughts?  Clever


Number One: That NCAA tournament sucked.  The final four was terrible (bitter cause UK lost), UCONN are a bunch of snitchess and Kemba Walker isn’t that good. I’d rather watch back to back to back episodes of John from Cincinnati than have to look at that final match-up again.

Number Two: The Phillies look angry.  I’d be scared to face them right now but keep in mind, it’s a looooong season.

Number Three: I watched a PBS special last night on the Civil War.  It was damn captivating.  One thing that stood out was that there were a bunch of crazy dudes fighting on both sides.  Look at this quote from William Tecumseh Sherman about Ulysses S. Grant: “Grant stood by me when I was crazy, and I stood by him when he was drunk, and now we stand by each other.”  That’s from the second most important person in the Union army, talking about the most important person in the Union army.  Awesome.

That’s Sherman pictured above.  How would you like the be the guy taking that picture?  Haha, he looks so pissed off!

“Just take the picture already you damned fool!”

Number Four: That show The Killing on AMC is awesome.  Yeah it’s a little formula and all that but I can’t wait to find out who killed that chick.  My money’s on the teacher.

Number Five: It doesn’t matter who the Sixers play in the first round, they probably won’t beat the Celtics or the Heat.  It’s sad, but true :(  If given the choice, I want the old ass Celtics.

That’s all for now, until next time…