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Diving back into things

June 13, 2014 Adam Thomas

Heyo!  Welcome back to theheadrush everyone! It has been too long since we posted and what better time than now, after one of the best days in sports?

World Cup

For starters, I love how people get so pumped up for the World Cup and then the first game has a controversial call and everybody is like “See, THIS is why I hate soccer!” and they just lose interest. Every article I’ve read about the Brazil/Croatia game has had a comment like this at the bottom: “This is why I can’t get into soccer. You wouldn’t see flopping like this in the NBA, MLB, NFL or NHL.” Oh really?

Dwyane Wade was just fined $10,000 for FLOPPING in the NBA finals. His sole role at this point in his career is to get on the court and feign getting elbowed in the throat by Manu Ginobli. Lynn Swann flopped all over the field whenever George Atkinson breathed on him back in the 70’s. And surely in baseball, a batter has never had a pitch hit the bottom of their bat and pretended that it hit them just so they could get a free walk up to first.

There is diving in every sport (I was going to make a Sidney Crosby joke, but then I remembered I don’t watch hockey enough to comment on it with authority, but that dude looks like he flops all the time).

The only difference is that in soccer, diving has dire consequences.

It’d be like if the NBA gave Wade 50 points for flopping instead of fining him afterwards. That is how much the Brazil decision swung the game yesterday. Make no mistake about it, Croatia was hanging with Brazil big time up until that goal.

However, let’s also be real about this for a second: Brazil was playing the opening game of the World Cup which–if you haven’t heard–is being played in Brazil. The chances of there NOT being a controversial call that went in favor of Brazil and against Croatia had to be 100,000 to 1. At some point during that game, Croatia was going to get boned. If you didn’t know that going in, well…I don’t know what to tell you. That’s just the way it is. And on a side note, not to get all Alexi Lalas on you all, but the keeper probably should’ve saved that PK. Not that it’s an easy thing to do (understatement, it’s probably one of the hardest things to do in sports) but he guessed right and got his hands on it.

Now, with all that being said, if that was America playing against Ghana and one of the Americans flopped like a fish and were awarded a penalty kick, how awesome would that be? It’s gotta feel nice to watch your team get rewarded a PK for having a player do absolutely nothing other than act as if they just shot off a gun like Owen Wilson on a quail hunt.

For the record, I would like to congratulate myself for correctly predicting Brazil 3-1 over Croatia in the Yahoo Sports soccer pick em. Way to go, self.

My picks for today?

Mexico 1–Cameroon 1

Spain 0–Netherlands 0

Chile 4–Australia 1 (poor Australia)

On to the NBA…

How great is it to watch the Heat get rolled up on by the Spurs? Man, they are getting destroyed.

And the cramp game was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Lebron is just so freaking WEIRD! He is fantastic and a great player (one of the best ever) but he’s a weirdo.

I also loved how quick everyone either A.) Came to his defense with jabs at the twitterverse like “I didn’t realize how many people on Twitter knew what it was like to play in the NBA finals with cramps” SNARK! or B.) proclaimed Lebron to be a sissy.

I just think he is a head case and a weirdo, and that’s why he is hard to cheer for. I was seriously almost on the Lebandwagon, but after the cramp game, forget it. He is just lame.

The Spurs better win game 5 though, otherwise this thing is going 7.


Great Broadcasting Names: Ducis Rodgers

June 26, 2013 Adam Thomas

Without cable, if I want to watch TV in the morning or in the afternoon after work, I am usually forced to watch the local news. Which sucks. And is depressing. EXCEPT for the fact that Philly’s ABC sports anchor is named Ducis (pronounced ‘Deuces’) Rodgers. That is a great name. And I felt it was appropriate to start off with that in light of Randy posting the Anchorman 2 trailer (which looks awesome).

Moving on.

I wanted to do a track by track iTunes review for Kanye’s new album, but I couldn’t do it. Listening to Kanye just fills me with an unexplained rage. The guy is the world’s biggest D-Bag, and I just can’t take him. So screw it.

Speaking of music, the early favorite for my summer album of 2013 is….wait for it….RUBBER SOUL by the Beatles!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. That album came out YEARS ago, which is true, but I have never been able to appreciate the Beatles and so for me, listening to them is a brand new experience.

I’ve got to say though, for being some lover boy types, the Beatles do sure write a lot of disturbing songs about women. That song ‘Run for your Life’ is psychotic. “You better run for you life if you can, little girl. Hide your head in the sand, little girl. Catch you with another man, that’s the end…little girl.” Alrighty then.

The first 6 tracks on Rubber Soul are great. In fact, the only two tracks that I don’t really like are ‘Michelle’ which is almost unbearable and ‘Girl’ which IS unbearable–I think the song would be OK if it weren’t for the sighing.

Good for the Heat winning the title (as was predicted here), and even better for the Blackhawks–who I think have the sweetest jerseys around.

And all this news about the Phillies possibly blowing up their team and trading their stars would make me happy if it weren’t for one small detail: Ruben Amaro Jr. is going to be making the trades! I bet all the other GM’s are just lining up to fleece that sucker. He is the worst.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out ‘This is the End.’ It’s good stuff (especially Danny McBride and Craig Robinson. Holy crap, they steal the show).

That’s all I got. Until next time….


An NBA Finals Prediction and Kanye/Lebron

June 17, 2013 Adam Thomas

If we could all just calm down for one second, I must rain on this parade: The Heat are still going to beat the Spurs in 7.

The narrative: Lebron, pushed to the brink of elimination, forges his team through the fires of Mt. Doom and attains his second ring. Is he as good as Michael? Is he the Kanye West (or should I say, the Steve Jobs) of the NBA? Can the Heat be beat in a 7 game series?

Two things are clear to me as I watch this series unfold: 1.) The Spurs go on ridiculous hot and cold streaks. 2.) When Lebron, Wade and Bosh are on, they can’t be stopped.

Playing these last two games at home, I fully expect Lebron and Co. to come out and dominate. They will win game 6 by 7, and win game 7 by 6. Confused? Me too. Mark it 8 dude.

Also, I hate Lebron. I cannot stand him. I don’t care if everyone tells me I should appreciate the guy for how amazing he is at basketball, he seems like a punk. So does Wade, and Bosh is just ridiculously laughable.

Perhaps Lebron is like Kanye. Great at what he does, but utterly un-likeable and therefore, very hard for me to appreciate or take seriously.

(Quick tangent: In one of his new songs, “Black Skinhead,” Kanye says that he “keep it 300, like the Romans.” Do you think he even watched the movie? Gah. That’s annoying. If you’re going to reference something, at least get the reference right.)

Anyway, I’m rambling, but take it to the bank: The Heat are winning this series in 7.

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Whoopsie Doo!

May 9, 2013 Adam Thomas

It turns out that even when we don’t try to Jinx the Phillies, we end up Jinxing them. So….maybe we should just stop mentioning them and jinxes altogether?

I was glad to see that my Miami Heat prediction turned out to be correct, however, the free throws…not so much. Man, that was a beat down of the highest order.

Predictions for tonight?  Gotta go with the Grizzlies and the Pacers. Both home. Both more complete teams.

Also, check out this tweet from MettaWorldPeace commenting on last night’s Warriors game: “I think Steve Curry is Top 10 in the NBA. If he works on his defense, he will be MVP next year.”

Gotta love the response from Steph (aka Steve) Curry’s response as well: “Back to Oakland. Ready to get back to work already. Steve Curry…out!”

Good stuff.


Not Going to Jinx a Thing

May 8, 2013 Adam Thomas

Not at all.

I only came on here to make a few predictions:

1.) The Thunder will lose to the Grizzlies in 6.

2.) The Heat will beat the Bulls and they will definitely win tonight (special bonus prediction: Wade/Lebron will combine to take 30 free throws. Wade attempted none in game one and Lebron only attempted 9. You think that will continue? You better believe Stern is going to be in the ears of those refs all night long. No way they can let the chosen one lose in round 2).

3.) The Spurs will beat the Warriors in 7.

4.) Indiana will beat New York in 6.

These NBA playoffs have been a lot of fun. It’s nice to just watch an NBA game and not care about the outcome. Heck, I don’t even hate Lebron as much as I used to thanks to the Harlem Shake video.

5.) I want to put this down in writing: last night I had a dream that newly acquired Raiders safety Usama Young intercepted Andrew Luck and returned that INT 46 yards. Not only does this show how lame my dreams are, BUT if it proves to be true, that’s crazy. We’ll check back in September.

6.) I started re-watching LOST recently and not only does re-watching it make me dislike the character of Kate even more, but it also shows just how little follow through the writers actually had. For instance, (and spoilers ahead for those of you who still haven’t seen the show), the night before Michael and Walt get on the raft, Michael says to Walt something like, ‘Hey man, we don’t have to get on the raft’ and Walt looking very creepy says, ‘Yes we do’ while ominous music plays in the background like Walt has super powers or something. But then NOTHING ever comes of that.  Sure, Walt gets kidnapped but he is basically NEVER heard from again during the show (save for sporadic mentionings and appearances in the next 5 seasons).

The writer’s have always said that they didn’t write anything for Walt because the actor playing him grew up too fast. But that’s BS. I think they just couldn’t figure out how to explain why he was ‘Special’ and didn’t know where to go with the character. I mean, you have the audience suspend their disbelief about an island with polar bears and smoke monsters, but then hit the brakes when a 11 year old suddenly looks 13? Come on now. You’re better than that.

Also, when Kate has to admit to being a criminal in front of everyone she says that she is on the run for something she “Supposedly” did, when we later find out that she definitely blew up her mom’s abusive boyfriend (or husband, I can’t remember which). So why is she saying the word ‘Supposedly?’ she definitely killed that dude. Ain’t no supposed about it. Damn, I hate Kate. Did I mention that?

But enough LOST bashing, cause I really do like the show, and I think that the moment the survivors get on the raft is one of the best moments of TV ever. Perhaps even THE best. I mean, when Vincent swims out after the raft…well…water works galore.

That scene and the end of Field of Dreams are almost always guaranteed to make me weepy.


Reverse Jinx FAIL

June 22, 2012 Adam Thomas

1.) If you didn’t already figure it out, I was hoping that yesterday’s post would prove to be enough of a reverse jinx to prevent the Heat from winning the title (sort of like what happened to the Wolfman in fantasy football). But alas, that was not the case.

Lebron proved to much for the Thunder, and the geek finally got his championship.


Once again, we must be reminded of the harsh lesson learned from the soused mind of Don Draper: “The universe is indifferent.”


2.) I skimmed Bill Simmons column yesterday and in it he left this doozy of a quote, “I don’t care how much you hated ‘The Decision’ — if you can’t appreciate what LeBron James is doing right now, you need to start following another sport.”

Noted. I don’t appreciate it. I don’t appreciate Lebron. So that means I can’t follow the NBA any more. Makes sense. And that’s why it’s trouble for the NBA. Because a lot of people hate Lebron, and now that he has his ring, to quote Draper again, “The haters are indifferent.”

3.) Speaking of the universe being indifferent, our good pal Liam Neeson is coming out with another doozy of a movie, and by doozy, I mean, didn’t this guy used to be a legitimate actor?

This summer he is starring in Taken: 2! I am not kidding. They take his goldfish. Just kidding. It’s his wife.

It seems that the terrorists (and I am just assuming that they are terrorists cause I never actually saw Taken: 1 but I can guaran-damn-tee that is/was awful), have “taken” (get it) his wife this time. At one point in the trailer, Neeson is talking on the phone, explaining to his daughter that the mother has been taken and a guy is standing there pointing a gun at his face. WHY, WHY in the mother flipping world, would the guy not just shoot Neeson in the face then and there? Haven’t they learned ANYTHING from Taken: 1?

Stupid. Neeson, you are really pushing it.


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