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President Bites Dog

April 20, 2012 Adam Thomas

1.) Holy crap, this is going to be one hilarious voyage to the election. It seems straight out of an SNL skit.  Mitt’s all like, “Yeah, you think I’m bad for tying my dog to the top of my car? Guess what?  Obama ATE a dog once!”

Good times.

2.) The Flyers game on Wednesday was pretty disappointing to say the least, but you know what? I can’t get TOO upset over it. I didn’t watch any Flyers hockey during the regular season, so it feels a little cheap to get all riled up about it now.

That being said, last Friday, I watched the game from start to finish and it was RIVETING! I think if I had to rank the top three exciting times in sports, it would be:

a.) The World Cup

b.) The first weekend of March Madness

c.) Playoff Hockey (when the Flyers are involved, of course)

3.) You know what wouldn’t be on the list? The Olympics. Man, I really can’t stand the Olympics. They are just boring to me. “Oh, look Michael Phelps can swim good!” Meh. I blame “Cool Runnings” for making the Winter Olympics seem so much cooler than the summer ones. Kiss my lucky egg.

The best sporting event at the Olympics is the Trampoline. How ridiculous is it that you can win a gold medal for being good AT THE TRAMPOLINE!?

You know who is good at the trampoline? Everybody!  Especially redneck drunks and backyard wrestlers.

4.) The Olympic medley, however, is the greatest song in the world. How do they trumpet that fast? Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-DA NANANA-NUH!

And the opening ceremony is pretty cool as well. Especially the Beijing one in HD.

5.) Randy talks a lot of smack on Ty Wiggington, but you know what? The man is UNCA’s most famous alumnus so he can do no wrong in my book.

6.) I saw a preview for that movie “The Lucky One” and they ran this quote to promote it: “It’s like a cross between Dear John and Charlie St. Cloud!” Well, now I REALLY have to go see it. Another one gushed said, “The best Nicholas Sparks movie since The Notebook!” Which is impossible, because all of these movies basically are the Notebook just with different actors/actresses.

Hey, I can disparage Nicholas Sparks all I want, but homeboy is laughing all the way to the freaking BANK!

7.) “The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down” is a fantastic song. RIP Mr. Helm.

I think that’s all I got. It’s Friday. Be merry!

Til next time…


Wildcard Bitches!

January 5, 2012 Adam Thomas

Alrighty then!  The NFL was fun while it lasted but now it’s time to get down to business. No more slogging through terrible Jets games or being stuck watching the Browns and the Bills.  Now it’s only the big boys so let’s get the picks, shall we?

Denver +8.5 over the Steelers.  As a matter of fact, I am going to go out a limb and say that Denver just flat out BEATS the Steelers.

Look, I watched the Steelers play the Browns last week and they looked turrible!  I know the Donkeys did too, but still, I just have a weird gut feeling about this one. Plus, Michael Lombardi picked the Steelers to go to the Superbowl on the BS Report and that guy is never right. On a side note, it was really awkward having Bill Simmons introduce Lombardi as the new GM of one of the teams that needs a GM right now because you know Lombardi ain’t getting any calls. But hey, on the plus side, he is a Sixers fan so I can’t be too hard on the guy.  Anyway, Broncos are winning.

Detroit +10.5 over the Saints.  The Saints win this one, but the Lions cover.

Giants -3 over Atlanta.  Why is everyone so hot for the Giants all of a sudden?  It really wouldn’t surprise me to see Atlanta win, but I’m still going with the Giants victory.

Cincy +3 at Houston.  I think the Bengals take it down. This pick has been made solely for Big B.

By the way, did you know that The Strokes put out an album last year?  Neither did I!  But I listened to it on Itunes and I really like that “Under Cover of Darkness” song.  The only thing that pisses me off–and I’m sure it pisses off all the other Strokes members–is that the singer sounds like he REALLY doesn’t want to be singing. I mean, I know that his style was always slackery/I’m too cool to care, but man, it sounds like he’d rather be anywhere but singing for the Strokes. I read that the rest of the band recorded the music and then sent him the tracks to lay the vocals over.  That sounds like a cohesive band.

So I started watching the Flyers/Rangers 24/7 show on HBO, and I gotta say, I’m starting to get the appeal of hockey. The Winter Classic was high drama, and it made me really hate the Rangers. The strangest guy ever has to be the Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov. During one interview, he said something like, “I have a million different faces. The face you see is not the face my wife sees which is not the face my teammates see and that is not the face my dog sees.” That sounds like something the Son of Sam would say.  What a weirdo.

I don’t know much about hockey, but it looks to me like the Rangers are just better than the Flyers and they wanted to win the Winer Classic more than Philly did. Also, the Philly D looks pretty darn weak.

Anyway, that’s all I got.  Happy New Year!


Bring the King. It’s a Great Day in Philly.

April 24, 2011 Randy Neil

Man it feels good to be writing this post. The Philadelphia Phillies swept the San Diego Padres in 4 games. The Flyers somehow brought the Sabres to OT and won, forcing a game 7. Aaaaaand….

After 7 very long, very strenuous games with the Miami Heat this season, the Philadelphia 76ers have finally walked away with a victory. Every game was within reach and followed the exact same pattern, except this one.

Typically, the 76ers start the game off well and outscore the Heat. Then, through fouls and amazing shots, the Heat climb back in and make a final push in the 4th quarter. Every game it seemed like the “Big 3” were demoralizing the efforts of our younger players and it was keeping the game out of reach. It would happen on cue with about 5 minutes left in the game. You could set your watch to it.

Here’s some of the differences I saw in this game :

1) Altercations. For 6 games you could see the Sixers deflate after Lebron James and Dwayne Wade put on a spectacle. For game 4 of this playoff series, you finally saw the 76ers show some teeth. Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner both got in the face of Jones in the 2nd quarter, and it had to be broken up. Spencer Hawes wrapped up Lebron James during a drive and he was livid. And Spencer Hawes got right back at him. You could finally see some anger when we used to just see despair. It showed resilience.

2) Fouls and points in the paint. We all know the insane amount of calls the Heat were getting nearly every time they drove in the paint. The Sixers weren’t getting those calls, but that’s mostly due to the fact that they weren’t even driving to the basket. Lou Williams, Evan Turner, and Jrue Holiday all drove in the paint consistently in the 4th and kept pushing to keep the intensity up. Yes, most of those got blocked, but it’s more the principle at that point. For the previous 3 games in this series when the lead would get out of hand, the Sixers fell back on making poor jumpers from outside, and a miss would result in an immediate rebound and score for the Heat. Driving helped keep the rebounds alive for us and established some presence where it hadn’t been before.

3) Miracles. Two back to back 3-pointers in the final 40 seconds of the game really made the difference. We finished the game 10-0 which is an absurd stat. The end-of-game stats were also much more favorable for the 76ers (which means they were actually even.) Team fouls were practically tied at 17 (MIA) and 18 (PHI.) Offensive rebounds, the stat that destroyed the Sixers, were dead even at 9 a piece. We actually out-rebounded them as a whole 18-16.

Even if we lost this game, I still would walk away with a great sense of accomplishment. We had 14 more wins than last year. We have a solid young core of great basketball players led by an amazing coach. The upcoming years in Philadelphia are going to be great.

It’s a great day to be in Philly. Happy Easter everybody.


Hockey…what the hell

February 25, 2011 Adam Thomas

I tried to watch hockey a few days ago with my friend Bob, and then I tried again last night.  And it just isn’t happening for me.

Playoff hockey, I can get into that.  It’s crazy intense. But regular season hockey is just kinda…meh.  And last night, while watching the game, which the Flyers won 4-3 in OT, I finally discovered the main reason for my dislike of hockey: It is incredibly, incredibly, INCREDIBLY stupid that the players can use their hands to knock down the puck and put it right in front of their sticks.

That is how the game was forced into OT last night.  The puck popped up in the air with 30 seconds left, the Islander player stood in front of the goal, reached up, grabbed the puck, put it right in front of his stick, spun around and scored.


Look, if you’re going to primarily use your sticks to move the puck in the game, there should be no hands allowed.  Wait till the puck hits the friggin ice before you touch it.

What happened last night is the equivalent to if a soccer player stood inside the six, grabbed the ball out of the air, set it down perfectly right in front of his foot, spun around, blasted a shot, and scored. Of course, using your hands is illegal in soccer so maybe that analogy is way off.  I don’t know.

I also don’t know about hockey. I’m trying to get into it so we can write occasional articles about it for Theheadrush, but I don’t know if I can.

Watching the sport is like listening to indie-folk rock.  I can see why other people are into it, I’m just afraid I never will be.