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Pitbull, Draft and Girls

April 27, 2012 Adam Thomas

1.) My favorite commercial on TV right now has to be the Bud Light commercial with Pitbull where he takes a Bud Light from the waitress says, “Daddy!” Or something like that and then strolls through a room filled with people 8 feet taller than him. He looks so damn tiny in that commercial, and while he is trying to look tough, it seems like he would need a step stool to look over the bar.

2.) That show “Girls” on HBO is incredibly, mind-blowingly awful. I watched it because it is produced my Judd Apatow and it got really great reviews, but man alive, it sucks. I can’t even remember a single character’s name, and the main girl is annoying as all get out. The show reminds me of a Radiohead album. Before it comes out, it already gets 4 stars from the critics no matter how average it is.

Just because a show is set in New York and is on HBO doesn’t mean that it’s automatically good. Don’t waste your 30 minutes on that show.

3.) Instead, waste it on the excellent third season of Eastbound and Down. Holy crap, I just watched the fourth episode and it featured perhaps the funniest moment in television. I don’t want to spoil it for everyone (like I did in a text to Randy yesterday), but it is a breakout episode for Stevie, and (mini-spoiler!) the hilarious moment in question features Candlebox. Enough said.

4.) The NFL Draft started last night, and because megalomaniac Hue Jackson decided to go “all in” with Carson Palmer (which never works), the Raiders were left without a first round pick. Which sucks, cause the draft is AWESOME! And boy oh boy were there trades galore yesterday.

My favorite pick? Morris Claiborne to the Dallas Cowboys!  You know why?  Cause Claiborne only got 4 questions correct on the Wonderlic test,  and here is his rationale via Profootballtalk via Sirius via USA Today: “That test don’t tell me who I am and what [type] of guy I am and what kind of ability I have,” Claiborne told SiriusXM NFL Radio, via USA Today.  “That test can’t drop me. They say it’s an IQ test,” Claiborne added.  “I came to the Combine for football.  I looked at the test, and wasn’t any questions about football.  I didn’t see no point in the test.  I’m not in school anymore.  I didn’t complete it.  I only finished 15 or 18 questions.”

And they say athletes don’t care about their education!  I would be really interested to see what classes Claiborne took whilst at LSU. “Basic Shapes” and “The Number After 2” sounds about right.

5.) The worst pick?  Let’s just go with Bruce Irvin to the Seahawks.

Oh no, wait, let’s go with the Browns selecting a Quarterback who has never played in the NFL and is already older than Aaron Rodgers. That’s why the Browns will always be the Browns.

I also love the ESPN draft analysis. This morning on Sportscenter, here is what Jon Gruden said about Quarterback Ryan Tannehill: “You know what I love about this kid? It’s that he can throw the football.”  Well, I would HOPE that he can throw the ball. That is just a tiny requirement made of all quarterbacks. Gruden just made $100,000 dollars for saying that.

6.) Ron Artest should be banned for life from the NBA. What a moron. I know that when I’m celebrating, my first instinct is to elbow the crap out of the player closest to me.

7.) Remember that song, “If you’re friends with P then you’re friends with me. If you’re down with P then you’re down with me.”  I don’t have anything to add other than, do you remember it?

8.) I’ve gotta say Phillies fans, being only 3 games back from Atlanta for the wildcard when the Phils are playing arguably their worst baseball in the past 4 years is not a bad thing. Be worried NL East, be very worried…

That’s all for me, until next time!


Random Thoughts

April 22, 2011 Adam Thomas

1.) The Sixers season is over, but I hope they at least win the next game to prolong the series.  We can complain about the foul calls from game one all we want, but the simple fact is that the Heat are a better team. Lebron and Wade just dick around for three quarters, give the Sixers hope and then crush it in the fourth.

I hate them both.  Literally hate them.  At one point in last night’s game, Lebron missed a foul shot, Lou Williams grabbed the rebound and Lebron chest humped him the entire way down the court.  What is a chest hump, you ask?  It’s when you run up to the guy with the ball and lean all of your extremities back except for your chest and then thrust it into the player with the ball. I thought Lou was just gonna dribble the ball into the crowd to avoid Lebron’s chest humps.  Meanwhile the ref just stood their thinking, “Man, Lebron is so dreamy.”  F that guy, I have never wanted anyone to lose and never win a championship more than Lebron. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE.

2.) Look, I know that I am about 6 months too late, but that song “F you” by Cee Lo is F-ing TERRIBLE.  It may be one of the top ten worst songs I’ve ever heard. And this is from a guy who loves Cee Lo from his Goodie Mob and Perfect Imperfections days.  But man, that song is God awful.  There, I said it.  It had to be said.

3.) Did you know that .5 percent of the entire world population are descendants from Genghis Khan?  That is 16 million people.  Talk about a prolific lover.  Leon Phelps ain’t got nothing on Khan (early 2000’s SNL reference anyone?) Also helping is the fact that one of his sons had 40 sons of his own.

4.) The NFL Draft is coming up and since the Raiders don’t have a first round pick, I haven’t been paying too much attention up until this point. But now, I’m immersed.  Here are some quick hits:

A.) The Panthers selecting Cam Newton will be a mistake.  Take it from a guy who’s team took a great SEC passer instead of a can’t miss receiver in 2007. The parallels between the Panthers in 2011 and Raiders circa 2007 couldn’t be more apparent.  The best player in the draft (arguably) is a WR, then it was Calvin Johnson and now it is AJ Green.  Both teams desperately need an upgrade at receiver.  At the time, Lane Kiffin wanted Johnson in the first and then Trent Green in the second.  That is exactly what the Panthers should do in this draft, even though they would need to trade back into the second round.  I say, draft AJ Green, or hell even Patrick Peterson. Then trade back into the second to get a QB like Colin Kapernick.  OR just stand pat with Jimmy Clausen and draft the can’t miss WR.  Mark my words, Cam Newton will disappoint.

B.) The Eagles should draft Jimmy Smith if they have the chance.  Yes the guy has character concerns, but you also know who has those?  Mike Vick and so far, that has worked out OK. Their secondary sucks (besides Asante) and they could use a guy like Smith who looks like he will be incredible.

C.) The Raiders will trade back into the first round OR they will stay where they are and take a CB or QB.  If they do trade into the first round, their target will be Jimmy Smith, for sheezy.

5.) As a child,  Elizabeth Bathory (aka Bloody Mary) witnessed a gypsy, who had been accused of selling off his children to some Turks, have his whole body, except for his head, sewn into the stomach of a dying horse and then he was left to die.  Holy. Crap. That would suck. Take THAT Human Centipede!

Sorry to leave you on such an uplifting note, but hey, it’s FRIDAY!