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2010 Baseball PostSeason Predictions!!

September 27, 2010 Randy Neil

altThat time of year is almost here!  October baseball!  Getting drunk almost every day, spending a crap ton of money, eating horrific food, and losing your voice from yelling at a television…. all the good things in store that literally destroy your body in a one month span.  Yes I’m aware that wasn’t a sentence, but fuck it! It’s October baseball!!

Here’s the picks for the play-offs.

In the American League:

The Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays, and New York Yankees.  The Yankees and Rays are still just trying to figure out who’s gonna be the wild-card, and who’s gonna be the division winner, but it’s a lock they’re both in.  We don’t know who’s playing each other yet, but I can tell you I’m certain of one thing :

The Yankees are going to the World Series.  Duh.  The Texas Rangers have basically a .500 record since the All-Star Break, and the OP (overpowering) A.L. East will destory them, regardless of who they play.  Right now the Rangers have an almost identical record to the Red Sox, who’s 3rd in the AL East.  OP indeed.

The Twins are good, but the only team that could legitimately threaten the Yankees are the Rays.  Do I think they ARE going to threaten the Yanks?  No.  I think this entire league has already been decided.

In the National League:

It gets much trickier to sit down and actually predict who’s gonna be in the play-offs here.  As of now, the Phillies are the only definate team, and will most likely be the N.L. East division winner, so let’s just assume that’s the case.

The N.L. Central is going to the Reds after the Cardinals decided to shit all over themselves the last quarter of the season.  I’m happy about this.  I’m glad to see the Reds come through with a winning season finally.  Dusty Baker deserves one, and the Cardinals clearly haven’t been doing anything with their recent play off runs, so give someone else a try.

Now to the dirty, dirty west.  This whole thing is a mess right now.  The Padres had it, and let it slip away to the San Francisco Giants??  I guess the fact that the Padres had it is more surprising.  I don’t doubt they are a good team, and “the real deal”, but I don’t see play-off caliber skills in them.  Latos, their best pitcher, has been struggling, and they still happen to be the 2nd lowest paid team in the NL.  That means no stars, besides Adrian Gonzalez, and they were talking about trading that dude at the beginning of the year. 

Even if the Padres somehow reclaim the West and hold it, they don’t have much of a chance… so I’m gonna give it to the Giants.  They have a better all-around team and at least can make a better play-off run. 

So now to the wildcard, which is also another large mess.  Since we gave the Giants the N.L. West, that leaves the Padres, Braves, and Rockies (sorta) in the hunt.  The Rockies are 4 games back, and no divisional games coming up, so I’m gonna write them off.  With 6-7 games left for both the Padres and Braves, it’s really going to be a neck and neck hunt for the wildcard.  The Braves play the Marilns and Phillies, the Padres play the Cubs and then have an epic 3 game series with the Giants at the end of the season.

I’m gonna go with the Braves, simply because I think the Giants will have a winning series against the Padres and that will crush the Padres hopes and record.  The Braves can beat the Marlins, and the Phillies might start resting people if they clinch the East in the next day or so. 

It’s certainly much more exciting than the A.L., that’s for sure.  As for the playoffs, the only real threat I see to the Phillies (the natural favorite) is the Reds.  They are a solid team, but they starting pitching isn’t nearly as good, so I still think the Phillies can handle them.  The Giants are not deep enough to threaten, and the Braves and Padres seem worn down, so I don’t seem momentum carrying them into some remarkable play off run.  

WORLD SERIES – Phillies v. Yankees (Phillies in 6)

Let’s GOOOOOO!!!


The Dumbest Trial in the History of History…

August 31, 2010 Randy Neil

altRogers Clemens entered federal court yesterday to defend the charges against him of lying under oath to congress.  A few years ago, Clemens sat at a congressional hearing and repeatedly said he did not taking performance enhancing drugs, despite several of his colleagues in the same investigation admitting to the wrong doing, and naming Clemens as someone who had taken them as well. 

Clemens is fighting this obvious guilt so much, he’s decided to take it to court and turn this into huge circus.  Now I don’t really believe the government should have ANY business in sports, and certainly shouldn’t be wasting this much time figuring out who’s on the juice, but since they are going forward… let’s go ahead and pick this apart a little bit…

Pretty much everyone who has ever been accused of performancing enhancing drugs has admitted to doing so, and basically has either been forgiven or forgotten.  It’s clear that this should be the passage of any athlete who’s ever been caught cheating.  The media even suggests this.  Mark McGuire was the most recent to do so, and since then, he’s been embraced as the St.Louis Cardinals hitting coach. 

What’s even worse is that Roger Clemens’ former teammate Andy Pettitte is going to testify against him, and Pettitte has already admitted to taking HGH himself.  None of Clemens’s former teammates have his back.  His story is paper thin, but he’s still sticking to his guns.  This sounds reminiscent of the Duke lacrosse stripper rape case.  Basically a stripper accused the entire Duke Lacrosse team of raping her, but even her co-stripper at the time didn’t support her story.  Roger, when your co-stripper doesn’t have your back, your in trouble. 

altAnd what’s with Clemens’s lawyer?  The guy looks like the sheriff from Dukes of Hazzard.  Every press conference the man has makes him sound less and less intelligent.  Clemens has a lot of money, and this is the best he could do?  With a name like Rusty Hardin, you’re never sure what kind of justice your gonna get.  Trials will begin and end with a banjo solo.

What’s sad is that most likely this trial will go forward, it will take a really long time to complete, most of the questions that people have won’t be answered, but they won’t have enough evidence to convict him of lying to congress.  He will probably boast how he told the truth, even though everyone on the face of the planet knows he’s lying, and he’ll just end up looking like more of a dick then he does now.  

There are so many things wrong with this entire trial the list could go on and on… like for example, Roger Clemens’s hair plugs that make him look like a 1998 teen pop icon.  Either way, I can’t wait to see the absurd things that come because of this trial.  As Rusty Hardin would say, “Saddle Up!”