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Everybody is Coming Up Short This Summer

July 6, 2011 Randy Neil

Baseball umpires are ejecting people like crazy. There have been 15 ejections in the past 5 days. A majority of these are coming because of the poor calls umpires are making, themselves. Although this may be a little excessive, the baseball officiating system is still about as terrible as it ever was.

People like the human element of baseball. It’s why so many people fight technology when the issue gets brought up. Of course it sucks when a strike zone is all over the place. I want to blow my brains out when a game ends on a looking strike out because it was clearly a ball and the umpire was just trying to wrap things up. They get lazy. They’re human.

It still is a lot of fun to include them, though. I’d like to think there are an equal amount of bad calls for ‘safe’ as there are ‘out.’

The problem lies when the umpires start getting a little too testy or lazy. Cameron Maybin was put on base after a 3-ball walk that everyone in the entire stadium messed up on. The scoreboard was wrong. The ump was wrong. The players missed it. The coaches missed it. How did 30,000 people miss this? There was probably some poor old man in the stands who was wretchedly shifting in his seat, mumbling under his breath, AND he noticed it. “Kids these days….”

Two nights ago during the Phils/Marlins game, Domonic Brown was called safe on a play at the plate. After some instant replay, it was obvious his foot bounced perfectly over the plate and never touched it. He should have been called out, technically. 80-year-old Jack McKeon was ejected that game for fighting with the umpires, but he was right. The running theme seems to be that old people possess super human-like intelligence and should never be called wrong. Age should be the deciding factor in all arguments.

My only defense for that particular matter is this : the infield-fly rule. What I mean by that is the decision umpires will make in regards to what they believe to be a “catchable” ball. It gets ruled an out regardless of what transpires afterwards. This is based on intentions and circumstances. Now I say this because even though Domonic Brown’s foot technically skimmed over home plate and never touched it, he still had John Buck beat at the plate and was going to score. He should have made that slide and been safe, just as a hit can be ruled an error. You judge circumstances.

Don’t buy that? Well… neither do I… but still…

I’m just trying to come up with an argument as to why we shouldn’t have instant replay. There is going to be an onslaught of ‘replay’ talks this week. Get ready for ’em.

Another cliche category that is going to get some coverage this week is our lovely friend, steroids. Albert Pujols recovered from an injury that was diagnosed to take 6-8 weeks in around 2. That, combined with the fact that Mark McGwire is his hitting coach, has a lot of people speculating over the special kind of HGH he’s taking.

I know what it’s called. Stem cells. Some incredible doctor injected a batch of awesome into his arm, and BAM, just like that, he’s back to putting up big numbers for his contract year. Stem cells don’t show up on a drug test right?

Since we’re on the subject of coming up short, Roy Williams proposed to his super-hot, beauty-pageant winning girlfriend and she turned him down. Now he’s trying to sue her for the $76k ring she kept. Why wouldn’t she give the ring back right then and there you ask? Well, because the proposal was through a video recording he mailed to her on Valentine’s Day. Fuck, that’s sad.

Alright, that’s it for today folks.


Random Thoughts

April 14, 2011 Adam Thomas

1.) My fiance and I watched Mystic River on Tuesday and one thing that has always bugged me about that movie is Sean Penn’s glasses.  What the hell?  Look at those things.  This guy is supposed to be some badass and yet he walks around with Grandpa glasses.  I mean…look, if I saw the guy on the street, I wouldn’t say anything to him about them, and I guess that means they’re badass, but…come on. He looks ridiculous!  The ending of that movie is very unintentionally funny, as is any scene in which Penn wears those shades.

Penn: “Look, I wantcho guys to go and find who kilt my daughta.”

Savage Brother: “Uh, yeah but you look kinda silly wit dos glasses on boss…”

Penn: “Find who kilt my daughta!”

2.) Dwight Howard ended the Sixers season when he dunked on Jrue Holiday and told him “Don’t Jump” as he was dunking on him. Then he laughed about it to reporters and said something to the extent that Holiday’s career is over.  That is embarrassing on so many levels. It will be fun to root against the Heat, but come on, the Sixers have no chance. Howard’s quotes just go to show how much respect the Sixers get around the league: none. Let’s hope that Jrue recovers from that sort of public humiliation. I don’t know if I would.  Good season, hopefully we draft that dude from Morehead State.

3.) I enjoyed the 60 Minutes story on Albert Pujols.  BUT I still can’t be 100% sure that he has never used steroids, which sucks, but is true.  Look at his head. That thing is ginormous.  I just watch baseball and suspect everyone is on steroids, especially Miguel Cabrera.

4.)  I’m really jealous of everyone who has HBO because A Game of Thrones looks AWESOME. I saw a preview back in January and went to the Newark Library, got a copy of the book and plowed through it.  It was one of the best reads I’ve had in awhile, and Peter Dinkelage (from my favorite movie of all time The Station Agent) playing the best character in the series, Tyrion Lannister, is just perfect.  Damn.  Wish I had HBO.  Of course, I stalled out about 400 pages into book two, A Clash of Kings. I’m sorry but there are only so many times I can read J.R.R. Martin write “Jon Snow broke his fast” instead of “Jon Snow ate breakfast” before it drives me completely nuts.  Also, Bran and Sansa chapters are like torture.  I just skipped over them by book two. Arya chapters, on the other hand, are the balls.

5.) Nice to see R-Truth get a title shot in WWE.  After months (and I mean MONTHS) of jobbing to people, it may seem kind abrupt, but that’s how the WWE rolls.  You job to people without complaining, and you’ll eventually get a title shot.  That’s why I bet Evan Bourne gets one before John Morrison.  Bourne loses to everybody, Morrison seems all pissed when he has to lose. Anyway, good job R-Truth.

Winter is coming…

Until next time.