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NCAA Picks, Tuck Rule, Lebron

March 21, 2013 Adam Thomas

Tuck ruleAs my dad put it, of course the NFL would wait until AFTER Al Davis passed away until they changed the tuck rule. By the way, with all this talk about the tuck rule, I think people are missing one simple fact: the referee who made the call on the play stated that Brady’s arm WAS MOVING FORWARD. He didn’t even mention the tuck rule. It wasn’t until after the game that they started talking about the tuck rule to mask the fact that they blew the call big time, since Brady had BOTH HANDS on the ball when he fumbled it.

Gah!  Let’s move on.

Lebron James is incredible. He is too good to hate.  Well, I guess that’s not true cause people definitely still hate the guy, but for me personally, the Harlem Shake made me rethink my whole view of the Miami Heat. Now, I won’t say I like them, but they’re tolerable.

Sweet 16 Picks!

Louisville vs Oregon

Memphis vs Duke

Gonzaga vs. K-State

New Mexico vs Ohio State

Miami vs Butler

California vs Indiana

Georgetown vs San Diego State

Kansas vs VCU



VCU vs Georgetown

Indiana vs Butler

Ohio State vs Kansas State

Duke vs Louisville



Louisville vs Ohio State

VCU vs Indiana



Louisville vs Indiana




Boring, I know, but what the hell?




Apple of the Century

March 8, 2013 Adam Thomas

jazz-apple1.) Ladies and gentleman, if you are buying McIntosh, Golden Delicious, Cortland, or any other type of nonsense, you need to stop right now. I have found the greatest apples in the world and they are…wait for it….JAZZ APPLES!

Holy cow, are they delicious!  They are crispy, crunchy and flavorful and just flat out amazing. I did some research (aka googled it) on the Jazz Apple and it turns out that it is a modern variety of apple developed in New Zealand and is a cross between Royal Gala and Braeburn apples. And before you hippies get all “stop eating genetically modified fruits” let me tell you that these babies aren’t genetically modified in the least. It’s simply a cross breed, like my dog.

So next time you’re at the grocery store, pick some of these suckers up. You’ll thank me later.

2.) While we’re on the topic of plugging things, I went to a store on Sunday called “2nd and Charles” where they sell used CDs, guitars DVDs, books, video games, video game systems, comic books…pretty much everything awesome (except Jazz Apples). Let me tell you, that store is AWESOME! I walked out of there with a Y100 Sonic Sessions CD (Kudos for the acoustic version of “WE WERE MERELY FRESHMAN”), Green Day’s “Dookie” (which I thought only came in blue cassette tape form), Sonc Youth’s “Goo,” and The President’s of the United States of America’s self titled CD (I still say the song peaches is just about peaches, but maybe I’m naive). I love them all.

I wanted to get the Offspring’s “Smash” but after listening to it on Itunes, it’s probably best that I didn’t. Besides the hits, (come out and play, self esteem, gotta get away) none of the other songs hold up. But you know what the best part about CDs from the 90’s is? HIDDEN TRACKS! Ha, oh man, how technologically advanced were we back then? The Green Day hidden track is simply hilarious.

So if you have time this weekend, check out 2nd and Charles. It’s like a grown up candyland and you won’t regret it. My advice though is to go in with a plan of what you want, otherwise, you’ll be stuck in there for days.

286963560-121727513.) If you haven’t watched New Girl yet, you should check it out. That show is good stuff, especially Schmidt who is hands down the funniest character on TV right now (yes, I think he may even edge out Swanson, who still holds the ‘Coolest’ character on TV mantle by a landslide). The two episodes “Cooler” and “Fluffer” were two of the best episodes of TV that I’ve seen in a long, long time.

4.) The fact that Damon Wayans son looks and acts EXACTLY like Damon Wayans and is famous for doing so is pretty weird. Maybe Damon Wayans was just ahead of his time? I did always love Blankman and Major Payne.

5.) Alrighty, I think that’s all I got. I do want to end this though by giving a shout out to Paul Bearer (aka William Alvin Moody) who sadly passed away this week. That guy was awesome to watch as a kid and without him, the Undertaker wouldn’t be the Undertaker and Kane wouldn’t be Kane.

Until next time….


Sequestered in Memphis

March 2, 2013 Adam Thomas

“In bar light, she looked alright. In daylight, she looked desperate.”  –The Hold Steady

“Jedi Mind-Meld” –Obama

I use the Hold Steady quote above because everyone in Washington is looking mighty desperate these days as they try to blame each other for the $85 billion sequester, and I use the Obama quote to show how absolutely insane it is that more people focused on his messing up Star Wars and Star Trek references than him (and everyone else in Washington) messing up this sequester nonsense. It really speaks volumes about politics these days.

By the way, there are many terrible parts about the sequester, but my favorites are these:

Obama-Boehner1.) All the politicians in Washington seem to know that it’s a terrible idea, and yet, they somehow allowed it to happen. They are all saying stuff like, “Yeah, we knew it was awful when we agreed to it, but we never thought that it’d actually happen.” How’s that again? Then why in the blue hell did you agree to it in the first place?

2.) The thing people are focused on about the sequester is…..wait for it….LONGER LINES AT THE AIRPORT! Oh. My. Gaw. The humanity. How are we going to deal with these long lines?

My advice? Be patient and be happy that you have enough loot to buy an airplane ticket and are about to embark on the miracle of flight.

3.) Someone should really let Obama know that he won re-election and can stop campaigning now. You don’t need to do a Jedi Mind-Meld to get the republicans to agree with you, you just need to do your job. Come up with a solution to the problem that works for everybody. Yes, it’s hard to do that but keep in mind: YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

4.) And Boehner, nobody thinks your tough when you say things like, “The Senate needs to get off their ass and come up with a solution!”  Whoa!  You said, ‘Ass’ tough guy. Hows about we all–Democrats and Republicans–stop all this useless blame game hocum and come up with a solution?

That sounds like a novel concept considering all politics consists of is the following: defer coming up with any solution that will make me look bad, get re-elected, defer, defer, defer, get re-elected, defer, defer, defer, get re-elected, defer, defer, defer, get my son elected.

Democracy in action!

OK, enough policitical talk, let’s get down to some things I’ve neglected over this past month.

1.1613651.) A big shout out to my boy Big B who absolutely killed it as Marius in Les Miserables.  Anyone who knows B, look at that picture and tell me that’s not him.

2.) Grantland ran a greatest Oscar travesty bracket and one of the categories was Forest Gump winning over Pulp Ficiton and it made me realize something: because I was 10 when they both came out, I was able to watch Forest Gump earlier in life and it made a bigger impression on me. By the time I saw Pulp Fiction, I was 16 or 17 and had already watched all of the Tarantino imitation movies (crappy movies like “The Way of the Gun”) and so Pulp Fiction didn’t really do that much for me.

So now, as a grown up, do I think Pulp Fiction is better? Yes. But do I think that it’s head and shoulders better than Forest Gump? Nope. And since they love how ‘Quotable’ a movie is over at Grantland, they gotta realize that Gump is equally as quoteable as Ficiton.

You say: “Oh I’m sorry did I break your concentration?” I say: “I must’ve had me about 15 Dr. Peppers.”

3.) The Sixers are horrible and Collins should be fired. He should be fired simply for praising Vucevic (the other night when the Sixers lost to Orlando), when the fact is that Collins never played Vucevic when he was in Philly and then traded him away this last summer. You can’t say, “I wish we had THAT guy on our team” when you’re the one who traded him away dingus.

4.) I thought about creating a fantasy baseball team the other day. And then I thought better of it. I like watching the occasional Phillies game, but baseball just isn’t doing it for me these days.

5.) Bold draft predictions: a.) Eric Fisher goes number one overall to KC.

b.) somebody trades up in the first round to draft Geno Smith.

c.) The Raiders trade back and draft Desmond Trufant.

d.) The Eagles draft Dion Jordan.  Eh that one ain’t exactly bold but what are you gonna do?

Alrighty, that’s it for me.  I hope to start these up regular again but, like any good politician, I may just defer and keep kicking the can on down that lonesome road.