Adam v. Randy v. Brendan Play-Off Picture

January 8, 2011 Randy Neil

Seattle +10 over NO

New York Jets +2.5 over INDY

Kansas City +3 over BMORE

Philadelphia -2.5 over GB

New Orleans -10 over SEA

Indianapolis -2.5 over NY

Baltimore -3 over KC

Philadelphia -2.5 over GB

Seahawks +10 over NO

New York +2.5 over INDY

Baltimore -3 over KC

Philadelphia -2.5 over GB

This post was written by Randy Neil


  • randy says:

    looks like brendan got round 1. Oh, and the winner no longer receives a Charlie Batch jersey. It is infact, a Bill Romanowski jersey.

  • B says:

    At least there will be no tie. I WANT WINNERS!

  • Randy Neil says:

    Rex Ryan is a bum. Tony Dungy has already made Rex out for blood against the Colts, so I fear that line won’t hold up very well, but GO COLTS!

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